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The 496th edition of Loading... is brought to you by Scions of Fate.

First up, I have eight (8) Scions of Fate beta keys left for phase one. The first eight people to mail me get the. Let the onslaught begin!

As I write this we are less than 15 hours from the launch of The Burning Crusade. Even the small town that I live near is going to have a midnight opening at EBGames. Frankly, I'm disappointed that I received an e-mail from GameStop, the company that owns EBGames pointing me to a site owned by gold farmers. What's up with that?

The hype surrounding this launch is enormous; almost surpassing the amount of drivel being posted in the Official WoW Forums. There are actually players on the west coast of North America who are complaining that players on the east coast will be able to buy the expansion three-hours earlier than they can. I hope they don't lose the race to 70 by three-hours.

Better yet, there was a post by a gentleman in Australia who was thrilled that his copy of The Burning Crusade had already arrived. He received the following as a response.

"WTF what dimension are you in?!!

it is 6.30pm here right now sunday, how the heck is it monday somewhere else?! ZOMOFG!

are you in the north pole or something????? lolz"

Congratulations sir, and I say sir because there is no way a woman wrote this gem, on winning the halfwitted post of the day award!

You may not have won it with only the quip that it couldn't possibly be Monday somewhere in the world if was Sunday where you were, but you threw in the coup de grace that the original poster may live "in the north pole".

I wasn't aware that a) you could live "in" the north pole or that b) time zones followed the lines of latitude rather than longitude. Thanks for clearing that up Mr. Hawking. Now back to your naked female Night Elf hunter dancing on the mailbox in Gold Shire.

I'm sure we'll be seeing you and your pals as Belfadins tomorrow.

To the rest of you, come midnight, stop kicking the tires and light the fires. You've waited two-years for this!

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