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The 446th edition of Loading... is brought to you by Penny Arcade and Ubisoft: Love Machinima? Here's your chance to show off your skills. Finish the storyline created by Gabe and Tycho for Dark Messiah Might and Magic and enter to win the Blackside Dark Messiah Gaming PC from Vigor Gaming Computer. Click here to learn more!

Sinking to depths that even I wouldn't believe I have an ad for Penny Arcade in my blog. It's not that I don't like Gabe and Tycho. I've only ever met them very briefly, from afar, across a crowded room, with games blaring on all sides and scantily clad vixens distracting my normally focused mind. They are a talented lot, but I find that if I only go back once a month I'm up to date on everything that has happened in PAtopia. It's stunningly like a soap opera. All that said, they put the smack on Jack Thompson, an asshat that once even went as far as to write me a nasty letter. Check and mate, if that doesn't prove he is a man with too much time on his hands, just looking to pick a fight then what does? I'm also eagerly awaiting PAX 2007, which appears to be the next big thing in game expos as far as North Americans are concerned.

Segue to comics, an area where the PA guys are far more talented than I. I happened to trick Darren into posting a new comic of mine last week, but I forgot to mention it to the world. I'm mentioning it now. Popular Mechanics meets the Gnome race.

Karen has posted a genuine look at her recent trip to San Diego where she hob-nobbed with the Sigil developers, got treated like a doormat at a restaurant and steamed in the Mexican sun while watching the Sigil devs drive ATVs in circles. I'm still scanning the article for the word "Shriner".

I need comic ideas. Don't be shy and stop by the new forums to give me your craziest idea. I'll quickly call them my own, delete your thread and ask this same question again in a week. Now move along...I might even have a prize for the best idea. Click and be heard!

Post a comment at the bottom of this blog. If you are shy (or female and sending in naughty pictures) you can E-Mail me.

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10.11.2006 Exclusive Content

  • Op/Ed: Napkin Balls, Velvet Jesus and Vanguard
    "What do napkin balls and paintings of Jesus on velvet have to do with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes? More than you might think. It's all about having fun. (Seriously!) Shayalyn attended Vanguard Gamers Day with a bunch of gaming journalists and a handful of devs from Sigil. You've got to know how to have fun in order to create a fun game. Do the folks from Sigil know how to have more fun than a room full of gaming journalists? Read Shayalyn's blog to find out."
  • Dark Age of Camelot: Screenshots, Trailer of 7th Expansion
    "The venerable fantasy MMOG Dark Age of Camelot is getting a seventh expansion, with an all new playable race (the minotaur - available to all three factions), a huge dungeon (the Labyrinth - which just about covers the title), and a new class. No news yet on when the expansion will be released, so for now: sit back and enjoy the screens and trailer!"
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: 1750 Favour Reward
    "Turbine's proposals for rewards to players with 1750 favor have met with less than /favorable/ responses. Ralsu examines the history of this controversy and asks you to pick a solution."
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Ranger Spells Guide
    "Few people think about casting spells when they think of building a ranger in Dungeons & Dragons Online. With great melee capabilities and uniques Feats such as Favored Enemy, most players consider rangers to be damage machines. Ralsu knows that the most skilled players want to take full advantage of the ranger class. His guide to ranger spells aims to help you do just that."
  • Flyboys Squadron: Screenshots and Concept Art
    " Fans of the MMOG framework and the World War I aerial combat subgenre may well have reason to rejoice. iEntertainment, creators of the critically acclaimed WWII MMOG flight sim "Warbirds", have devoted their talents to an MMO flight sim based on the recently released motion picture "Flyboys." We have our first look at "Flyboys Squadron" with these screenshots and concept art, and the game is set to release on Nov. 1. For anyone that cut their flight sim teeth playing Sierra / Dynamix's "Red Baron" series back in the nineties and loved every minute (only to shelve the floppies when our Tandy 486sx blew up), "Flyboys Squadron" looks like it might be the one we've been waiting for!"

Vin Diesel Fact of the Day - Vin Diesel once beat Ray Charles in a staring contest.
Now from the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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