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The Cataclysm closed beta invite system is now go and you're going to want to be opting-in for the beta as fast as you can. Click that link to find out how.

Crafters Rejoice! Blizzard Rolls Out Cataclysm Crafting Changes! That news title rings in another Cataclysm reveal this week. Blizzard is going to be changing up the crafting system and we already have an overview of what this means for you.

Patch 3.3.5 - A New Instance and a New Way to Chat - It seems like we're going to be watch WIM (WoW Instant Message) be part of the official WoW client in addition to

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If you were thinking that Cataclysm was the only thing to look forward to you in your future, think again. Blizzard poster Zarhym recently unleashed the PTR 3.3.5 Patch notes onto the World of Warcraft community and while it is a relatively small patch it sure does pack a punch. A new instance will be released, as well as a new way for players to interact. Look at WoW World a new Patch is on the way.

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WoW Machinima: The Craft of War - Blind

Something new is brewing here at Ten Ton Hammer. As a testament to the creative power of the WoW community we are pleased to present a brand new feature: WoW machinima reviews. From time to time our talented writers will pick a video and let you the reader know if it’s worth watching. This week Mem gets the distinguished pleasure of presenting our very first machinima review on a little video called “The Craft of War - Blind”.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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