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alt="Now on Farm or That's a Wipe" />
In this section we'll look at the hits and misses taking place in the
game. It's another week of mostly hits:

One semi-simple
little patch 3.0.9 dropped without
taking the servers down for a silly amount of time, and as far as I
know, all went according to plan.

Said Patch
3.0.9 provided Paladins with 30 minute
seals. A distant second to Dual spec, this has to be hailed as one of
the Halleluja patches for Paladins tired of seal dancing.

Mages probably
don't agree now that the 3-minute Mage
nuke has been wiped. Arcane Power and Presence of Mind share a cooldown
so no more sparkly fireballs that deal giddy-type
numbers of damage. At
least the cool down has been reduced for all of the spells mentioned.

Warlocks got a
Curse of Tongues nerf and just to show
how much Blizzard hates Warlocks, Rogues got some nice buffs to Hunger
for Blood and Slice and Dice.

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alt="Caverns of Time" />
Everyone is has their bloomers in a bunch over dual spec, but I
remember when there was no cap on the costs to re-specs. Heck I
remember when Yes, you could rack up a stupid amount of respec costs
back when a gold was a lot of money.

Since I stepped
foot in Northrend, I really haven't
spent much time at the Auction House, so I'd forgotten about the sales
tax of time on all sales - it takes an hour(at least) for money to
arrive from the sales of goods at the AH. Do you remember when mail
with money was instant and gear took an hour (or longer) even on the
same account? Talk about catering to gold sellers. At least they caught
on to that little loophole. 


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alt="Medeor's Mishaps and Mayhem" />

Is that love in the air or are you feeling gassy?

Screw Valentine's day and all of the knock-offs in every flipping game
on the market. I ignore the Hallmark holiday as best I can in real
life, I really wish I could avoid that crap in my virtual life too. And
for the record, my wife got some special attention on Valentine's Day
so I'm not near as tough as I sound. You know the kind of "special
attention" I'm talking about, don't you? Yep, I made dinner and did the
dishes and she went off to lounge around while I put the kids to bed,
that qualifies as quality time in my house. Hubba hubba.

Apparently I'm not the only one feeling that way because we had a full
raid later in the evening on Saturday. Maybe all of our wives were out
with their boyfriends. It didn't matter as we continued our quest into
Naxx. First we finished off the Four Horsemen and then showed Grobulus
how to take his own temperature with that  needle he wields.
Malygos, you will be making the decision on whether or not to "release
at the spirit healer" soon my friend.

My Horde Paladin continues to march on and I'm looking forward to
having Naxx on farm with both the Alliance and Horde. I've always
enjoyed playing both sides as I think they both are a lot of fun, but I
know some purists are cringing. What are the bets that I will be part
of Naxx clears from both sides before Blizzard can get some new content

Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan has officially stepped away from his day-to-day
activities at WoW so he can focus on some un-named MMO that I've
code-named "CashCow." I actually met Jeff outside of the restrooms at
Blizzcon a few years ago. I watched as a couple of drooling
kept poor Jeff from going potty for quite some time by explaining how
great the Druid is at casting Roots in Zul'Farrak and how Roots should
work everywhere. That argument never gets old, I mean, no
wonder Jeff left.

Dual spec has been stealing the spotlight, but the Blizzard blue
posters have been discussing the Healing mechanisms with more and more
regularity. Fellow healers prepare for some big changes to how the
overall healing mechanics work. Healing
has always been more of a
whack-a-mole game than true strategic decision processing, but it
appears they want to change that. I would say Blizzard has a pretty
good batting average when they go back and rework something, but they
have been known to miss (for example; the updated Hunter's Volley
animation that resembled something rude and crude before being changed

Are you really into the Valentine's Day shenanigans or are you just
getting the achievement (this could mean both inside an outside of
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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016