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This past week the on the Ten Ton Hammer network we saw an insanely busy week, with eight WoW related articles going online. We started off the week with a look at how Paladin Tanks will change in Cataclysm. All you Paladin tanks should check it out soon as the changes will come into effect with patch 4.0.1. Next up we looked at everyone's favourite holiday, Brewfest! After all who can resist a holiday dedicated to Beer.

We then shifted our outlook to the upcoming Patch 4.0.1 and the changes it will introduce. This included looking at the changes to the game and the Cataclysm lead up events. A guide to both Horde and Alliance quest chains can now be found here. We also looked at changes coming to Darkshore in Cataclysm and the new Priest Talents.

In addition to all the World of Warcraft articles that were posted, we also update our very own PlayerScore utility twice, and launched a contest. The contest provides a way for you to win your very own Tankard O' Terror in celebration of Brewfest.

In WoW news this past week we covered a new quest being added in WoW that emulates the insanely popular Plants vs Zombies game inside WoW. We also looked at the new mobile guild chat being introduces and more.

All these articles, news, and more can be found right here at WoW.TenTonHammer.com.

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Just a friendly reminder that a few weeks ago we launched a cool new tool called PlayerScore. You can find out even more about this great new tool in the preview about it here: PlayerScore - A New Way to Rank and Rate WoW Players. You can also find the tool itself by visiting the brand new PlayerScore beta! This past week we updated the tool to be even better.

Featured Content:

Brewfest has arrived again in World of Warcraft signaling the start of the two week party. Free virtual booze, ram racing, and a new quicker boss battle awaits players in this year's beer themed festive event. We've got a guide to all of the quests, the dungeon encounter, achievements and more here at Ten Ton Hammer that will make sure you're capable of doing every event in the game, inebriated or not.

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Also make sure you check out our Brewfest Tankard O' Terror Contest.

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After a long break from talking Paladins, it's time for a return of Semi-Hardcore. In this issue Byron “Messiah” Mudry provides the low down on all the upcoming Paladin tanking changes. With Patch 4.0.1 coming soon, and Cataclysm hard on its heals, it is critical that Paladin tanks understand the changes that are in store for them. This editorial puts all the changes to key abilities, how Holy Power works, and the new tanking rotations all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

A Guide to the Major Changes in WoW Patch 4.0.1

The final patch of Wrath of the Lich King, patch 4.0.1, is poised to go live at any time. This patch ushers in many of the big changes that players are awaiting as the release date for Cataclysm draws near. In this article we'll go through the main changes to expect when the patch hits live servers.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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