The WoW Weekly Report is our weekly newsletter dedicated to giving you a wrap-up of the previous week in news, stories, and more. This week we look at a plethora of topics surrounding the release of Patch 4.0.1. Included in these topics is a look at the first five things to do, UI changes, Paladin changes, and more. We also spotlighted the new Reforging ability, PVP and leveling in Cataclysm and more. In WoW news the BlizzCon headliner has been announced, a new WoW mouse is being released, and of course word that 4.0.1 went live. All this and more in our WoW Weekly Report every Tuesday.

Ever had a great piece of gear that would be an amazing piece of gear if only it had that one special stat? In an attempt to reduce the number of items being disenchanted or left to rot on boss corpses all over Azeroth Blizzard is introducing a new game mechanic; Reforging. Used to swap one stat for another, reforging has the potential to be an amazing tool for players. It’s with this in mind that we here at Ten Ton Hammer have provided you with a complete guide guaranteed to make the Reforging process as easy as pie even on your first try!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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