Blizzcon tickets will bring the internet to it's knees on May 16th. Can Blizzard clear the first major hurdle of Blizzcon by doling out the tickets without major mishap? And how in this economy can a price increase be a good thing?

Are you looking forward to standing in mega-lines outside the Anaheim convention center in August when the average temperature is the highest of the year at 86 degrees?

During the down economy many companies are discounting inventory, adding perks and doing anything they can to sell merchandise. In a show of how recession-proof Blizzard feels, they have upped the costs of Blizzcon tickets to $125. At first glance it seems appropriate. They could probably raise the prices to $500 and still sellout. Oh and don't forget that they've moved the date from October to August which means peak season prices at the hotels - yikes! The questions are; should they, and are the tickets worth it?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016