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alt="Now on Farm or That's a Wipe">

In this section we'll look at the hits and misses taking place in the

Naxx was scoffed at
as being way too easy. I don't
believe the same can be said for Ulduar. So I have to say "Kudos to you
Blizzard" for putting the Repair back in RAID (Repair And In Debt). Or
is it Raiding And Incessant Dying? Pick one, but whatever it is,
Blizzard definitely made Ulduar and the new boss in Archovan's
tougher than Naxx.

Massive Fail on
Eggfest, or Noblegarden or as Maegwynn's Guildie put it "Noble Pain in
the Butt." href="">Forums
are lighting up already with
tales of angst and hatred for bunny droppings. The only question I have is
"We waited extra for this?"

True to form, we
will get another incremental patch
tomorrow. It brings with it a note of sorrow for Paladins that Exorcism
is not usable against players. How many other ways are you going to
spoil my Noblegarden ganking Blizzard?

As if playing
Bejeweled wasn't bad enough, now we can play Peggle inside WoW. Nothing
good comes from this people!


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alt="Caverns of Time">

Ah the good old
days. Some we miss, but most we just
appreciate (for the fact that they're gone!).

week I look back and remember one thing that the game really seems to
lack now - stability. Not stability in the way of servers and
technology (which is typically twitchy after patches, etc.). No, I'm
talking about character class stability. I mentioned in an earlier
Overpull how it feels like Lich King is still in development to such a
degree that everything feels temporary. Class buffs, nerfs, talent
changes, and item changes seem to be deployed at a dizzying pace. Back
in the day things stayed broken or fixed for long enough periods that
we could plan around them. Now I'm scared to make a Glyph because
tomorrow it may be gone, or screwed up. And don't get me started on
class balance. Sometimes when things remain out of balance long enough,
they become stable - see the Leaning Tower of Piza. Just leave it alone.


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alt="Medeor's Mishaps and Mayhem">

Let the Noble Gnashing of Teeth begin.

I used to ignore the holiday festivals, but now I tune in to listen for
the cries of random number generator woes. Most of you know my disdain
for achievements. A part of me takes joy when someone completely loses
their mind over not getting a random piece of crap. I'm not sure this
is the type of reaction Blizzard was hoping for in terms of the
holidays. It appears that there are two camps - those that hate the
holidays, and those that hate having to complete the holiday
achievements so they can someday get a proto-drake. Way to make the
holidays fun and engaging, huh?

Has anyone mentioned that riding said proto-drake will mark you as
being cool like those people with the bumper sticker of Calvin
on something? Drakes are already tired, they are going to be forgotten
by the time you can get them. Save your speed discussion, nobody flies
anymore, hip kids get summoned.

It's good to be a Paladin. I was going to level another character but
realized that I've already got it good, so why bother. Dual Spec has
made the class almost untouchable when it comes to filling a spot in a
raid. It's a lot of fun to tank an instance, then switch out specs and
jump into a battleground while we wait for the next run. Holding our
own on the DPS front, continuing dominance as preferred tank and
healer, it's really hard to knock the state of the Paladin. So why do I
get this feeling that my little dream is going to end? Classes have a
way of reaching "favored nation" status for a while and then getting
nerfed to the ground, baby.We'll see how long this ride lasts, but it
is fun.

Fire up the downloader, another href="">
patch is on its way.
I doubt we will see a Tuesday without a patch for some time. First they
have to unfix what the fixed and then fix something else which will be
fixed in a forthcoming patch.

Would you href="">play
WoW on an iPhone/iTouch?
I watched the video so I can answer that question with a fairly solid
"No." Absolutes have a way of haunting me, so I'm sure if I were
someplace that I couldn't fire up a laptop, blah blah blah, then I
would play WoW on an iPhone. But in my normal course of life, I don't
see a compelling reason to log in to what I saw on that video. Sure I'd
check my auctions, mail and guild calendar, but I don't see myself
running an instance or leveling another character. Can you imagine the
nightmare of someone raiding? Actually that might be pretty funny. I
take back my nay-sayings, I'm all for raiding on an iPhone!

Would you raid on an iPhone? Have you completed your Noblegarden
achievement so you can be one step closer to your Calvin bumper
sticker?   href="">Stop
and let us know?

Until next week, have fun and thanks for reading,

Medeor href="">

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016