A little tardy this week, but chock full of things to ponder before BlizzCon. This week Medeor spends his time making some lemonade from all those sour lemons he got last week, and puts on his Gnome-stradamus hat to predict what we will learn from this year's BlizzCon.

Many of you are hopefully making your way to Anaheim to start the Blizcon festivites. Let Elune's grace favor you and provide you with patience so that you don't go on a rampage and hurt people. The lines will be long, but it looks like the weather will not be too punishing (~80 degrees, or some random number generated in Centigrade).

A true pre-Blizzcon newsletter would not be complete without some prognostication. So here are my predictions for the news that will bubble forth out of Southern California in about 48 hours...

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016