Time for magic missiles, mayhem and mutha truckers. Medeor spreads the love amongst all kinds of games this week as we look at PAX, and a few politicos with MMO passion. All this while we still keep World of Warcraft square in the cross-hairs. New instances looming on the horizon and hopefully some fixes for the existing instance capacity leads to some fun discussion. On a more somber note, let's remember what this weekend is really all about though:

Today marks approximately the 137th anniversary of Labor Day here in the United States. Chalk this up to yet another great import from Canada, Labor Day is a celebration of all things worky. We're a little short on work these days but we never pass up a reason to have a few dozen extra beers and call it a three day weekend.

So finish up those last couple of beers before we officially call it the work week, and what better way to start than another edition of The Overpull.

After the dust settles, let's discuss in the forums

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016