City of Steam Dev Journal Recaps PAX East and GDC 2013

By Stacy Jones -

The City of Steam has posted a new update reflecting on their trip to two of the big industry events this year with PAX East and GDC 2013. While the update is slim for new game details, you do get a handy video from around the PAX East show floor with the devs and some of the fans. As for City of Steam game news goes, you’ll just have to settle for a lot of “coming soon” teasers.

“YOU’RE LATE!” Yes indeed we are, but we have some very good reasons:

  1. We’re all very busy working on something you might find quite interesting (coming soon™)
  2. We wanted to release the video you see above alongside the article, or the other way around, whatever you find more important. 
  3. We get it, we suck, no really, we do. This is probably where youÂ’re wondering why we havenÂ’t announced a release dateÂ… well shhhÂ… thatÂ’s coming soon, really soon. 

Check out the video below and visit the City of Steam website to learn more.

Source: A Con CrewÂ’s Journey: PAX East & GDC

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