City of Steam Shows Off the Shiny Metal Past of the Colossus

Posted Thu, Feb 07, 2013 by Martuk

If you’re city-state like City of Steam’s (CoS) Delton that’s somewhat lacking in military might, invasion is likely an inevitability that you’ll have to face in only a matter of time...unless you have something that might just keep the wolves at bay, keep the barbarians at the gate rather than in it. Something like a giant metal Colossus that’s just lying in wait, daring some foolish invader to set foot in their territory.

Such a Colossus may lie dormant until an attack or invasion occurs. But make no mistake; he’s dormant, not dead. And waking this massive beast is calling down the thunder, and he has kept his pimp hand warm for just such an occasion. And if the pimp hand isn’t enough, he also comes equipped with missiles and other assorted instruments that specialize in making stuff not alive anymore.

You can learn more about these giant walking metal forces of destruction in the latest CoS dev journal.

Source: CoS Dev journal – The Colossus



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