DCUO Shows the Love with February Update

It has been just over a month since the long awaited action MMOG, DC Universe Online, has launched.  Since then, the fate of this mold-breaking multi-platform game has been on watch by the gaming community.  With fast paced-action combat and fast-paced progression it may be the perfect MMOG for gaming adrenaline junkies but there is a cap to all that fun.  As more and more players hit that cap and start looking around for something to do, Sony Online Entertainment swoops in with an answer, and that answer is a promised major content update that not only adds a holiday event but also high-end fun to keep the game from getting too stagnant for cappers.  How did DCUO's first update attempt do?  Lets take a look at what was added and what it really brings to the DCUO community of players.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

<i>Can you catch the hearts?  Get in game to try!</i>

I just love holiday events in games. They not only give the players something different to do for a short time, but they also give developers a chance to flex their creativity.  Woo me with this temporary content and I will adore you forever!  Unfortunately, it seems the DCUO dev team fell behind because the Valentines Day event went live more than a week after the actual holiday.  Typically we'd like to see this content prior to the holiday so we can get into the spirit of it before he candy hearts hit the clearance isle of the grocery store, but it's not a deal breaker for me.

The event isn't too bad for a first try.  I received a mission from Booster Gold in the Watchtower to find a fountain which lead me to a zone where myself and other players attempted to earn little hearts (the event currency) that could be used to purchase a wide selection of holiday goodies.  The jumping pads took some getting used to, but if I can earn a full holiday armor set, it's all worth it.  Keep these coming SOE, specialized limited time armor is VERY cool.

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Earn hearts (and rewards!) with these sweet little missions. Ignore the creepy old guys in diapers.


I'm probably not the only player to say this, but...FINALLY!  The absolute best thing about this update is that brokers are in game and we can all now sell our junk to other players.  The broker system, found at stations inside the Watchtower and Hall of Doom, appear to be pretty easy to use and typical of other broker/auction systems.  One tab allows you to either search for what you are looking for, or you can navigate categories to browse for items.  Another tab provides the interface to set up your own auctions for items you don't want or need.  You create your auction by selecting it from the menu of items that appears after clicking "Add Item".  Put in a sale price then select how long you want the item to be for sale (12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours), and you are good to go! 

<i>The broker is finally up and running with a bustling player market.</i>

You will be paying a fee for the auction, the cost depends on how long you choose for the auction to run but it's a small price to pay in order to have player trading.  I made my first sale within an hour of putting up the item.  Huzzah!  Money I didn't have before!  The auction system will be great to trade armor and especially great to nab those collection items that can be oh so elusive.

Dailies, Duos, and Raids

The star of this update, and likely every major future update, is definitely the end-game content.  It has been repeatedly stated by SOE that they intend to keep content for capped players flowing, a necessity for a game that has an extremely rapid progression to end game.  The February update is really DCUO's first test.  Can this content catch the already waning attention of the high-end players?

As part of the update, a new duo, PvP ring event, alert, a solo storyline with Catwoman and part two of the Batcave raid were added.  This may seem like a lot of content, and it is!  Each piece touches just about every type of gameplay for level thirty players and for those who like to diversify their gameplay, the update added a pretty big chunk of new things to do.  This will keep players happy for about a week I estimate.  It may be long enough to entice players to pay for one more month, but SOE is going to have to crank out this level of quality every month to really impress.  In a recent interview with Ten Ton Hammer, Game Director Chris Cao mentioned that this update might not be the same as the next in size.  Players should expect to see a staggering pattern with a fair mix of monthly smaller updates and larger, wide-scale updates.

Overall, this is an impressive update, even if it did miss the mark on release date.  Having a clear schedule for content releases is going to be very important so that players know what to expect and when and hopefully once the dev team gets into a groove everything will flow in on time.  The good news is, these monthly content updates will go a long way in keeping the interest of players.  Clearly SOE understands the importance of re-playability and they are striving to do what they can to keep all aspects of the playerbase happy.

If you haven't been in game to check out the new content, get in there now!  The holiday event won't be here forever and unlike most of the new content, the event is available to all levels.  What about the new content do you love?  Is there something that you wish had been added instead?  Speak up and share your thoughts with our community.

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