DC Universe Online Offers Discount 3-Month Subscription

SOE serves up a temporary discount deal on three month subscriptions to DCUO following plans to make changes to benefits.

Most talk involving SOE over the last week revolves around last weekÂ’s announcement that subscription benefits would be getting some changes. The initial announcement confused some players and drew a lot of criticism for SOE. Luckily, John Smedley has been quick to clear things up and address feedback about the planned changes. And while the changes arenÂ’t expected to go into effect before next month, SOE is now offering a temporary discount for DC Universe Online (DCUO) subscriptions, offering players a chance to opt in for the three month subscription plan for just $29.99.

Earlier this week SOE boss John Smedley confirmed that upcoming changes to the subscription program will allow one subscription to any SOE game to provide premium access to all. Or in short, the All Access pass price is dropping to $14.99/mo.

Source: DCUO Announcement

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