DCUO's Jens Andersen Talks PvP and Weapons in The Last Laugh DLC

Get a look at DC Universe Online’s The Last Laugh DLC with Creative Director Jens Andersen.
PC Gamer recently sat down for a chat with DC universe Online Creative Director Jens Andersen to learn more about the upcoming DLC, The Last Laugh. Andersen offered new details and a video look at the new Shield weapon, new Legendary characters, Safehouse PvP battles and bringing iconic characters to the of PvP.

Our goal with The Last Laugh was to bring the iconic characters to the forefront of PvP like never before. Legends PvP is getting a huge increase in the roster—oh yes, there are more!—and the new arenas will pull from a large roster of legendary heroes and villains to take part in the battle. Each team will have three iconic allies each match. Characters like Professor Zoom, Black Adam, Gorilla Grodd, Solomun Grundy, Cheetah, Superman, Shazam, Kilowog, Power Girl, Raven and many more will be making regular appearances. It’s an iconic slug fest, and the players are right in the middle.

Check out the full interview and video at PC Gamer.

Source: PC Gamer

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