SOE Updates DCUO Fans on Valentine's Day and Seasonal Events

Sony Online Entertainment promises newly revamped and better seasonal event for DC Universe Online players.

Sony Online Entertainment is addressing player concerns about seasonal events by promising a revamp and better content. In a post to the DC Universe Online (DCUO) forums, Creative Director Jens Andersen briefly explained what the team has planned for future events and how theyÂ’ll be changing.

Now, IÂ’d like to give you an idea of where we will be going with Seasonal events in the future. Right now we will be focusing on four major events: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. We want each of these to have open world components and a boss fight at a minimum. Over the next cycle, starting with summer, we will be adding the following: Boss fights to Summer, Winter, and Spring, and open world content to Fall. There will be new things to do and new items to collect, so donÂ’t worry about thatÂ… Once we have our major events fully in place we will continue to improve and expand on them each year, as well as try some new Seasonal content, such as a new ValentineÂ’s Day.

Unfortunately, this also means that fans looking forward to ValentineÂ’s Day feats this year will have to wait a while longer. Andersen explained that they will be put on hold for this year as they undergo a revamp.

Source: DCUO Forums

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