A Newbie’s Guide to DDO: Part 4 – Favor and Factions

Posted Tue, Apr 26, 2011 by jeffprime

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Newbie's Guide to DDO
Part 1 - The Basics
Part 2 - Classes & Races
Part 3 - Skills, Feats, & Enhancements
Part 4 - Favor and Factions
Salutations, my friend. I’m pleased to see you here at the Halfling’s Armpit on such a fine evening. Sit down, order an ale, and I’ll tell you more of the world of Eberron and how to prosper, not just survive, in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Let the knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of experience illuminate your mind as you listen to the golden oratory of the master loremaster Prelixin, your humble servant.

On your previous visits, we discussed several of the basic concepts of how the gods determine success and failure in DDO, the classes and races from which to choose from, and the special abilities (feats, enhancements, and skills) that breathe life and power into your character. For this discussion, we will discuss the various factions to be found in Eberron, how to curry favor with them, and what rewards you can gain by doing so. Now that my mug is refreshed, let us begin.

Factions & Favor

There are a dizzying amount of factions to be found in Eberron, ranging from powerful Houses to religious sects. Each faction has their own agenda, so be careful not to get ensnared in any intrigues! I once had a traveling companion who got caught between two warring clans with tragic results. Rofar was a mighty barbarian who was the object of much pursuit by many a pretty lass. Sadly, he was captured in one clan’s harem trying to steal some incriminating letters held by a concubine that were written by the rival clan’s leader. His punishment was harsh indeed for he no longer can enjoy the company of a beautiful woman…but I digress!

dungeons and dragons online
You can see your favor totals by opening up your Adventure Compendium by clicking on the icon or by hitting (P).

How to Gain Favor

You can gain favor with the various factions by doing adventures for the benefit of their faction. The amount of favor that you can gain in each adventure varies from quest to quest. However, you can gain more favor in a quest by completing it at a higher level of difficulty, which I will more fully discuss in a moment. As you gain favor with a faction, you will hit certain plateaus that will bump you up to the next level of favor. Each new level gives you some sort of reward with that particular faction. That reward may range from a new item to the ability to purchase discounted items from that faction. Each faction has a particular set of names attached to the different favor levels, but the amount of favor needed for each level is the same. They are:

  • 0 Favor – Lowest Favor Level (One)
  • 75 Favor – Favor Level Two
  • 150 Favor – Favor Level Three
  • 400 Favor – Favor Level Four

As for gaining favor, you can accumulate favor by completing quests. Each quest has a patron, which is the faction that is asking you to undergo the quest. Once you complete the quest, you will gain a number of favor. The amount of favor that you get from completing a quest is determined by the difficulty of the quest. Each quest has a base favor amount, which is the favor you will receive from doing the quest on Normal. If you do the quest on Casual (Solo), you will get half the Base Favor, rounded down. If you complete the quest on Hard, you will get double the Base Favor. You will get triple the Base Favor if you complete the quest on Elite.

dungeons and dragons online
You can keep track of how much favor you have earned per quest by opening up your Adventure Compendium by clicking on the icon or by hitting (P).

Let us say that the Coin Lords have asked you to break up a smuggling ring by going to a warehouse and killing all the smugglers. For this service, you will be rewarded with 3 Base Favor with the Coin Lords. If you completed the quest on Casual, you would get 1 favor; you would get 6 favor if you did the quest on Hard and 9 favor if done on Elite. One thing to keep in mind, my friend, is that you can only gain a maximum of favor per quest equal to completing the quest on Elite. If you had already completed the quest on Normal, you would get no favor for doing it on Casual and get only 3 favor if you completed it on Hard. If you’re not looking for experience and only for increasing your favor, it would behoove you to join with those who have already unlocked the higher difficulties for a quest.

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