New Screenshots Preview the Stormhorn Mountains of DDO: Shadowfell Conspiracy

Turbine rolls out a new batch of screenshots to showcase the new Stormhorn wilderness area in the upcoming Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion.

We’re just under two months away from the launch of the second expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online with the Shadowfell Conspiracy. As the countdown continues, Turbine today released a new batch of screenshots previewing the new wilderness area of Stormhorn and some of the not-so-friendly inhabitants that reside within it.

“The mountain range has long served as a protective barrier for Cormyr, keeping the kingdom’s enemies at bay. Yet now the empire of Netheril, Cormy’s enemy to the northwest, threatens to dominate the Stormhorn mountains. The Netherese have formed the mountain tribes into armies and built forts to house their new forces in. The Netherese seem especially interested in one particular glacier, where they are searching for something hidden deep within the ice.”

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy is scheduled to launch on Monday, August 19th, 2013. Pre-orders are available on the Dungeons & Dragons Online website.

DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_01 DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_02 DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_03
DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_04 DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_05 DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_06
DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_08 DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_07 DDO_Stormhorns_Adventure_Area_09


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