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  • DDO Wizards and Sorcerers Take Note...

    So, your Dungeons & Dragons Online wizard or sorcerer is now ready to cast 3rd level spells. Which ones are winners? Which ones are...not? Darkgolem explores the mystical realms of arcane magic and offers his detailed information and ratings of 3rd level arcana.

    Rage - 'Causes target for fly into a screaming block frenzy, gaining phenomenal strength and durability, but becoming reckless. Grants a bonus to strength, constitution and will saves, but causes target to take a penalty to armor.' Grants +2 str, +2 con –2 dex +1 will save. Can cast, can sneak, while under this effect, unlike barbarian rages. Stacks with Haste, ability buffs such as Bull’s Strength, and Heroism, except the will save will not stack with Heroism. A fine spell for the wizard whose allies are warriors.

    Check out the Apprentice's Companion III at DDO - TenTonHammer!

    Thu, Apr 13, 2006
  • A Critical Hit?

    Though reviews of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach have been guardedly positive, many in the industry are wondering how well certain game elements (e.g. "forced" grouping to make much real progress, a short yet very steep climb to the 10th and highest level) were translating into pageviews. According Tom Nichols, Turbine's VP of Marketing, business is "rolling" along.

    Nichols couldn't disclose the number of people that have bought the game and are currently subscribing, but he did confirm that the game was the largest in Turbine's history. "We expected success for Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) because it represents a new paradigm for the MMO genre with unique features including party-based quests, integrated voice chat, real-time action combat, and award winning graphics that recreate the essence of the classic pen-and-paper roleplaying experience," said Nichols. "The response to the game has been terrific."

    Enjoy the rest of this interesting DDO interview (it's not all business!) at GameDaily BIZ.

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    Thu, Apr 13, 2006
  • DDO Tactics Guide for the Versatile Ranger

    Gone are the days when all a ranger did was hang back and plunk arrows at enemies. In Dungeons & Dragons Online, the ranger is a one of the most versatile of classes, a veritable Swiss army knife who can serve as a scout, a ranged combatant, a back-up healer and buffer, and even a respectable melee fighter in a pinch. Aelasyl takes time out from DDO to offer his guide to ranger tactics:

    The Ranger is a combatant by all definitions in DDO. The best base attack bonus (BAB), a good Fortitude save progression, and all the basic weapon, armor, and shield proficiencies means she is designed to fight. The only thing lacking is her hit points which are a bit on the low side in comparison, but she makes up for this with a good Reflex save progression. The Ranger can go wherever the party needs her. Frontline, rearguard, or ranged, she defines her place in combat based on the others in her group. Just like everyone else, the primary goal of the Ranger is to hit and not get hit back. Without medium and heavy armor proficiencies however, the Ranger should remain very mobile in combat. But she should also take care to set her feet before she swings, otherwise she will incur a -4 penalty to attacks.

    Read Swiss Army Knife: Ranger Tactics in DDO

    Wed, Apr 12, 2006
  • Prison Break...or Not

    The next installment of DDO - TenTonHammer's weekly comedy series finds Cailag imprisoned by Clan Tunnelworm, with little hope of rescue before his time runs out. Will Preston, and the dwarf-for-hire, Nord, find Cailag in time; or will Cailag find a way to free himself? And what was that prisoner shouting about the Seal of Shan To Kor?

    Preston was negotiating with a few of the kobolds that had taken up residence in the vicinity, trying to extract information about a new Halfling prisoner and a human named Venn. A minute later he rounded the corner, looked at Nord, and shook his knobby head in disappointment. Nord brushed crumbs off his plate mail (leaving a plentiful supply in his beard) and started down yet another nondescript waterway, hoping it would lead to Cailag and the missing guardsman. Time was not on their side, and Preston’s short temper was beginning to boil over.

    Read the latest episode at Dungeons and Dragons Online - TenTonHammer!

    Tue, Apr 11, 2006
  • DDO - Stormreach: For the "truly casual gamer"? has published first month's impressions of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. Cronus gave the game a pretty good shake, but mystified me with this comment:

    DDO is aimed at the truly casual gamer: the now 40something gamer, with a spouse, 2.5 kids, a dog, and only an hour or three a night to spare for gaming. Most of the quests in the game can be completed in a short amount of time, although there are a few ‘epic’ quests that can take 4 hours or more to get through.

    Granted, the quests are fairly short in duration. But any game that requires you to group will require you to spend a lot of time getting organized away from the action - not a very casual thing. Just my take! Read Cronus' at

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Adam Sandler Likes it "At a Medium Pace"

    The secret to good comedy is good timing. Gaming is not that much different. As Darkgolem explains, learning the pace of gameplay that is right for you is essential to enjoy Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO). He covers the benefits and problems with both power-gaming and relaxed gaming in DDO:

    The amount of time you play Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) should be based upon what is the most fun for you. Some people prefer to play a few times a week, some play a lot more. To power-game (level as quickly as possible)--if that is something you wish to do--you have to approach gaming in an organized way, paying attention to key information. To game in a more casual way, you need to play enough that you don’t lose a “connection” to the character you're playing. The enthusiasm is part of the fun.

    Read Pacing Yourself, at DDO - TenTonHammer and find the right pace for you!

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Not Everybody Started DDO on Day 1...

    With several people already logging in to play Level 10 "capped" characters, Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) can be daunting for the complete newbie. Things as simple as character creation and navigation are intimidating tasks when playing and learning the mechanics of a game for the first time. Our DDO - TenTonHammer writer Corso wants to help:

    Your first important choice is your character's race. I’m sure you'll notice that some of the race attributes make that race better suited for some classes than others, with humans being a sort of middle ground. You can make your decision based on statistical advantages, or work purely from a roleplaying perspective--either way, the choice is yours. Classes define your character even further, so it's important to figure out your playing style as you decide what you want to be when you grow up. Do you want to be a spell slinging elf, a healing human cleric, or a mighty halfling barbarian (hey, why not)?

    Read all of Corso's DDO Newbie Know-How, and be ready for the adventure!

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • Trouble Brewing for the Talenta Halflings

    Enter episode three of DDO - TenTonHammer's weekly comedy series, "Enter the Halfling." Trouble plagues the talenta halflings as Cailag endures torment-by-pastry while Pigface fumbles through a bleary-eyed game of Fuzzy Duck at the Wayward Lobster Ale-lympics. Looks like it's up to Preston to save Cailag from his grim fate...with a little help.

    Preston looked across the bar. What would Cailag want him to do--cheer Pigface to glory at the Ale-lympics; or rescue him? And in what order? He muttered something unintelligible, then stepped outside into the night air. Finally, he decided; he would let Pigface seek his title while he, Preston, went off in search of their companion. This was a job for steady (and moderately sober) hands.

    Check out this week's episode at DDO - TenTonHammer!

    Wed, Apr 05, 2006
  • DDO Dragon's Vault Expansion Goes Live Today!

    Here are the official release notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) module 1: The Dragon's Vault. Along with the usual patches and fixes, this patch contains the first content update for DDO. Did we mention that it's free to subscribers?

    Here's a taste of update goodness:

    This update contains the first content update to DDO, the Dragon’s
    Vault Module! Can you gain access to the impenetrable Vault of Night?

    • Fight in the notorious Tharashk Arena, defeating all other
      combatants to survive.

    • Explore the most dangerous prison of all – that of a mind locked
      in torment, in The Prison of the Mind.

    • Discover the hideous secret that has ruined the Haywire Foundry.
    • Delve into the subterranean depths of the Jungles of Khyber.
    • After
      you’ve conquered all four of those dungeons, the most challenging and
      compelling dungeon experience of all awaits you – the Vault of Night,
      as you face the full array of Kundarak magic and tricks meant to keep
      you out…or kill you.

    • If you somehow manage to defeat the Vault of Night, you can earn
      your rich rewards…there remains just one last obstacle…

    In addition to the Dragon’s Vault chain of quests, there is even more
    great content to explore!

    • Fight against the first vampire boss in DDO…you’ll love this

    • Stop a planar invasion in “The Xorian Cipher”
    • Explore the immense demesne of the Arzag-Khor…can you acquire the
      Tear of Dhakaan?

    • Stop the nefarious plans of the Grave Robber
    • Can you uncover all the secrets of Stromvauld’s Mine?
    • Will you aid the Bounty Hunter and bring down an infamous

    • And more!

    We’ve opened the gates to Kobold Island: a fun and replayable landscape
    experience for new players still getting a feel for what their characters can do in combat.

    Check out our DDO - TenTonHammer community site for the complete scoop!

    Wed, Apr 05, 2006
  • Enchantments in DDO

    Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in doing the most damage possible with spells in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO). But Darkgolem shows us that sometimes the best use for spell points in DDO is enchantments. In "Mind-bending Magic," we learn just what enchantments are, what they do, and how to use them to our fullest advantage:

    Charms are used as both a means of crowd control (reducing the number of enemies attacking your party without killing them) and a means of damage...since the accomplished spell caster can have several creatures charmed at one time--and these creatures can be improved to increase their effectiveness by buffs such as bards song, bless, haste and so on--you can still add the support of effective damage capacity with your party.

    Read the full guide at DDO - TenTonHammer!

    Tue, Apr 04, 2006
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