New Trailer Previews the World of Defiance

Trion reveals a new video that details the backstory of the world in Defiance and the life of an Ark Hunter.

If you’re looking to learn more about the lore of Defiance such as how the Ark Falls came to be and what ark hunters are, this week’s new video is just for you. The video debuted last night after the first episode of the television show during Trion’s Across the Badlands webcast, which discussed the episode and the game.

While Defiance doesn’t do much to explain its own lore in the game unless you manage to track down each data recorder (even then it’s a bit hit and miss), the latest video from Trion offers a bit more on how the Ark Belt was formed, leading to ark tech raining down in what is now known as Ark Falls. Ark Falls gave rise to a a new profession on Earth – the Ark Hunters.

Check out the video below narrated by our good friend, Lawkeeper Cooper.

Did you miss the Defiance premier episode? Check it out on Syfy Rewind.

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