Blizzard Reveals Diablo III's Witch Doctor

Posted Wed, Apr 25, 2012 by Martuk

The launch date for Diablo III is just under three weeks away and Blizzard has revealed a look at the mystical Witch Doctor. The new Witch Doctor page on the Diablo III website gives a rundown of the class along with a video and short story.

In addition, Blizzard is holding events on the road to launch. Check out the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise page for more.

Diablo III releases on May 15th. Find out more about launch times, server availability and midnight launch events on the Diablo III website.

Source: Diablo III Witch Doctor Announcement

Oh, if someone saw this video and the game that followed, they would go to a cataract surgery Salisbury Maryland clinic, because the game's nothing when compared to this video. The graphics are fine, alright, but when it was released, I couldn't enter and play, because the channel was overwhelmed by players. How come they didn't think of something so obvious?!


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