SOE Previews the Dragons of Dragon’s Prophet

Learn all about the many variations of dragons in SOE’s upcoming MMORPG, Dragon’s Prophet.

With a name like DragonÂ’s Prophet you need a fitting number of dragons to do your name justice, and DragonÂ’s Prophet delivers on that. This week SOE posted a new update to provide some insight into the many dragons of DragonÂ’s Prophet.

The new post from SOE explains the difference between normal dragons that can be captured by players and their powerful elder & legendary dragon counterparts, which canÂ’t be captured. Additionally, the post also previews several of the dragon variations and how they can be captured.

Read the full story on the DragonÂ’s Prophet website and check out our hands-on impressions from GDC 2013 if youÂ’re looking to learn more.

Source: Here There Be Dragons!

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