DUST 514 Blog Details the Weapons of War

CCP breaks out more weapons of war and explains how they function in DUST 514.
This week CCP has released a new DUST 514 dev blog to follow up on the previous dropsuits blog. The latest blog details more weapons and suit options such as the heavy dropsuit’s Minmatar MH82-BCR Personal Autocannonoption, which can provide the suit with more roles aside from dealing with heavily armored vehicles and being a sitting duck for infantry.

This came abruptly to an end when the autocannon made it in to the game. Suddenly you didn’t have to fight the other dropsuit classes on their own terms with weapons ill-suited to the heavy’s slower movement. Now you could outlast any other class in a head-on firefight (though smart players can still outmaneuver the slower heavies), you had more armor and a lot more firepower; enough to destroy light vehicles as well as infantry.

Find out more about the other DUST 514 weapons of war in the full developer blog.

Source: DUST 514 website

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