DUST 514 Uprising Update Coming May 6th

Posted Tue, Mar 26, 2013 by Martuk

Mark your calendars. DUST 514 is getting its largest open beta update to date on May 6th with Uprising to hail the coming 10th anniversary of EVE Online by altering the battlefield of New Eden forever.

The Uprising update will bring a host of new features and changes to DUST 514 that includes graphical enhancements, an improved user experience, Planetary Conquest, new battlegrounds, game modes, new weapons, gear, and more. Uprising is one of several planned updates planned for this spring aimed at prepping DUST 514 for its official release.

DUST 514 recently held its first massive battle to introduce players of the PC-based EVE to players of the PlayStation 3-based DUST in the Battle for Caldari Prime.

Source: CCP Press Release


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