EverQuest II PvP Changes Detailed for Game Update 64

Posted Fri, Jun 22, 2012 by Martuk

SOE has lots of PvP changes on the board with Game Update 64 (GU64) that will make a number of changes and additions to stat, gear and open-world PvP. A new post to the EverQuest II website outlines what’s in store in great detail.

The short version, PvP stats will be changing and will be derived from normal PvE stats to allow the separation of PvP and PvE balance. A new PvP stat is being added called Lethality, which increases the damage dealt in PvP combat.

Another big change is that open-world PvP will be rewarding tokens faster than battlegrounds. These tokens can be exchanged for new sets of PvP gear. Let’s just hope that they thought this move through better than BioWare did with SWTOR. Everyone remembers the train wreck that was Illum, right?

Open-world PvP combat and battlegrounds will also get some enhancements with the update. The open-world Infamy system has been revamped and will now scale the infamy amount with each kill and increasing your bounty more rapidly the based on your rank.

Battlegrounds have been given a bit of a work over. The Frozen Tundra map has been temporarily removed pending another round of polish and a number of tweaks have been made to the other maps.

    • Gears of Klak’Anon – now rewards more points for a kill, and more points for successfully killing the murderball holder.
    • Battlefield of Ganak – The flag carrier now suffers a movement speed debuff.  This debuff has an incoming damage buff which scales up the longer you hold the flag.
    • Smuggler’s Den – The amount of time required to cap all of the towers has been adjusted.  The value of the center tower has been increased.  Ground mounts can now be used!

Wins and loss tokens will now be awarded based on time spent in the game, so the longer you fight, the bigger the reward. You’ll also be able to earn bonus tokens by pulling off a heroic feat like slaying 50 players.

There are quite a few more changes to PvP in GU64. Check out the full post for the entire list.

Source: EverQuest II PvP Changes in GU64


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