EverQuest II Double XP Weekend Begins

Get ready for EverQuest II’s Darkness Dawns update with another weekend filled with a double dose of the good stuff.

EverQuest II’s Game Update 67: Darkness Dawns rolls out later this month, but you can get ready for the new content with a double XP event this weekend. Starting today, players can earn double the adventuring, crafting, AAs, and Guild XP through Sunday night. As an added bonus, players can subscribe to earn additional XP, coin, and mount speed bonuses starting July 21st through September 21st. Additional details are available in the subscription matrix.

The Darkness Dawns update is scheduled to launch on July 30th, bringing events in the Velious storyline towards its inevitable conclusion. And if you haven’t been keeping track of our coverage, the update may entail some possible tie-ins to the upcoming EverQuest Next reveal on August 2nd at SOE Live.

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