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  • Here's to all the gamer girls...

    This month as I'm sure we ALL know was Women's History Month. If you didn't know, there's probably a reason you're watching re-runs of Star Trek by yourself right now. Our resident awesome female gamer Savanja takes a moment to explain the importance of females in the MMO industry, and shares a little of her intelligent insight on gaming.

    As Sheri notes in her book "Gender Inclusive Game Design", MMO’s picked up female comsumers attention. It definitely picked up mine! It would be my thought that the nature of MMO gaming makes is vastly more appealing to the female market. For one thing, it’s social, which plays on a woman’s need for interaction. For another, it allows us to slip into a fantasy world that is only limited by our own imagination. I believe that this is the reason that roleplaying servers tend to be more heavily populated by females. Woman want so much more than just slaughtering mobs and getting loot. Most of us want the whole experience, to feel completely immersed in our alternate world. Providing a rich backdrop, tantalizing lore, and a pleasing look, it all goes a long way in making a game more appealing to the female gender.

    You can't ever have too much insight into the female mind, so stop procrastinating and read Women in Gaming: A Salute to the Gamer Girls at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.

    Fri, Mar 31, 2006
  • TenTonHammer live at SOE Fan Faire '06!

    SOE FanFaire 2006, held in Atlanta from April 5th - 7th, is fast approaching! RadarX and Coyote will be on-hand to deliver the goods live from 'lanta in case you can't go. Preliminary info is now online, but keep checking the TenTonHammer Fan Faire news page (especially during the actual event) for updates!

    Check out the EQ2 @ TenTonHammer SOE Fan Faire 2006 Coverage Page and know where to go!

    Tue, Mar 28, 2006
  • Is "raiding" everything it's cracked up to be?

    Raiding is that content that some of us only dream of. Is it really all that and a bag of chips? Or is it best left to those that have the time and patience for it? Savanja takes a peek at raiding content and delves into that age old question of whether or not raiding is really worth it.

    Raid guilds vary of course. Some may raid once a month, once a week, a couple days a week, and some raid every night. It's a commitment for sure. One that I would never be able to make, as I typically just wish to play, have fun, and chat far too much. You have to have a certain amount of drive for it. A friend of mine, who I will leave unnamed, mentioned having to make the push to level 70, partially to keep up with his regular raid group, most of which had already made level 70. I mean, here I am, at level 63, slowly watching that experience bar move up for the first time in months, completely content to putter around on this character, and a couple of my other alternate characters, and people around me are making the mad push for level 70? I feel so alone! Don't leave me behind!

    Put on your fabled gear and read a well thought-out opinion on Raiding in Everquest 2 at EQ2-TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Mar 27, 2006
  • Playing by the numbers...

    Deathly afraid of math since his misery in College Algebra, RadarX braves ahead, and interviews Aditu the designer of the Advanced Combat Tracker parser. Aditu discusses what parsers do, how they are used, and attempts to convince Radar they really aren't networked into Skynet to create Terminators. He won't accomplish his task with Radar, but he will provide an insightful interview.

    Radar-X: Interesting to see a raiders perspective....Many people aren't even familiar with what a parser is? Can you kind of define it for us?

    Aditu: In essense, its a program designed to collect data about a battle and display it in an easy to view manner. Usually to calculate simple things like DamagePerSecond of each person or to notify the user of events that they may otherwise miss. In the case of log parsers, they collect all their data from a text file generated by the game. If one were to try... all data collected/analysed by parsers could be done by hand.

    Catch the rest of this incredible interview at our EverQuest 2 - TenTonHammer community site.

    Mon, Mar 27, 2006
  • Now tastes even better, EQ2 gets an update.
    The update notes for the March 23rd push of EverQuest 2 are public.

    "** Gameplay ***
    - Characters should no longer become stuck when reviving.
    - Two Halfling beards have been appropriately named after much deliberation within the Halfling community.

    *** Achievements ***
    - Warrior: Gladiator's Revenge now has the correct block chance.
    - Bard: Turnstrike's range has been adjusted to be in-line with normal melee arts.
    - Rogue: Avast Ye's proc effect is instead a melee attack that cannot be resisted.
    - Rogue: Lunge Reversal will no longer break stealth when it refreshes.

    *** Player-versus-Player ***
    - You will no longer receive faction for killing someone on your recent kills list.
    - Neutral kills no longer grant faction gains or losses. Faction gained and lost from Honorable kills has received a slight boost.

    *** Items ***
    - Some of the items that can be found within Ascent of the Awakened have been improved.
    - The Dirk of Nightfall's stats have been distributed more logically.
    - The Warden's Aegis should now function correctly.

    *** Zones and Population ***
    - The Sage of Ages instance that starts the "To Speak as a Dragon" quest is now more specifically known as "Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage".
    - The requirements to open the library doors in Nektropos Castle have been changed. Now, having the library door key gained at the end of "The Red Marble" will allow you to open the doors.

    *** Quests ***
    - Writs and Heritage quests above level 55 should be giving their correct status amounts once again.

    *** Combat ***
    - Pets that were previously expiring early should again last for the appropriate duration.
    Cleric changes:
    - Soothe no longer triggers effects as a result of casting this spell.
    Templar changes:
    - Sanctuary: will now show its tier when examined."

    Fri, Mar 24, 2006
  • Coyote Meets Death!

    Earlier this week we discussed death in-game and how it effects us all. In keeping with that, Coyote seeks out Death himself for an exclusive interview. Here is an article you've been DIEING to read. Sorry....

    “An icy hand gripping your heart, robbing it of its warmth as you slowly die. Accident, murder…fate. Death. A name we all know – a name once both respected and feared. But who is the man behind the robes? What lays beneath the layers rotted skin and sun bleached bones, and what is he doing now that the very macabre trade he once pedaled is obsolete. This is Coyotee Sharptongue for Ten Ton Hammer news, bringing you this first ever LIVE interview with none other than DEATH – himself.” Coyotee towards a sinister looking skeletal figure dressed in black robes who towers silently beside him

    Read the rest of this great interview at at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.

    Thu, Mar 23, 2006
  • From the land that "the" forgot, we bring you Kingdom of Sky.
    GameSpot strapped on their balsa wings, flapped their arms and entered Kingdom of Sky. While they were there they even reviewed the latest expansion to the EverQuest 2 universe.

    "The monsters that live at these altitudes take advantage of the new level range all the way to 70, so only the most advanced characters and groups can ply their skills here. For all the challenging creatures and quests awaiting you on the floating isles, though, it's still possible to take on monsters and other content solo, if you're careful about where and when you pick your fights. While adventuring in Norrath will likely always put an emphasis on group play (and raiding, to a certain extent), it's nice to see that you can still hoof around on your own without too much trouble. In addition to higher levels and better gear, the new achievement system helps make this a little easier, as well."

    You can read the entire review of EverQuest 2: Kingdom of Sky at GameSpot.

    Thu, Mar 23, 2006
  • Miss the good ol' days of corpse runs?

    Coyote, a writer for the EQ2 - TenTonHammer site does, and he presents a pretty compelling argument.

    Death is a unique, and rarely covered aspect of the game. Unlike tradeskills, raiding, etc.. while some people may be happy with it, and some may not, it effects us all. Coyote examines death in MMO's and as a bonus uses the word "poo."

    Death has forsaken us - and too few seem to mind.

    Gone are the days of corpse or shard runs. No more do we have to stalk invisible and naked through countless foes in hopes of retrieving our bodies and gear quickly enough to avoid another death. And while the massive body that makes up the player base of our world doesn't seem to mind in the least...

    Read Coyote's take on death in Norrath at EQ2 - TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Mar 20, 2006
  • No rest for the refugee

    We're all noob's at some point right? EverQuest 2 numbs the noob process a little by providing a wonderful, newly revamped starting area called the Isle of Refuge. Slide provides us a great guide this zone and all the quests you can find there.

    The Isle of Refuge, or Queens Colony, as it seems to be called now, is where every new character starts. Some of you may remember the "old" Isle which was fundamentally the same place for both good and evil characters. Things have changed quite a bit since that time. The basic story has been rehashed. There is still some kind of mysterious, controlling evil that plagues the colony. Your job is to find out what and put a stop to it. Everybody get's to play the helpful hero.

    Read the rest of the EQ2 Qeynos newbie guide at EverQuest 2 - TenTonHammer!

    Sat, Mar 18, 2006
  • Player on player violence: good, clean fun? We think so.

    They say its all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. In this case, its not really fun and games until somebody is laying face down in Antonica with you laughing while you loot their corpse. Aren't sure what the newly-added PvP server is like in EverQuest 2? RadarX shares his experiences and examines what differentiates this from the normal servers.

    After completing a few mundane tasks, I made my way to the Graveyard to gain a few levels. Of course too terrified to even peak out into the Commonlands, I had yet to see an enemy player, and was wrapping up a lengthy dialogue with a quest NPC. All of a sudden, time slowed down and my spider sense begin to warn me of impending danger. I leapt into action ready to unleash my skill....bah who am I kidding? I never even saw the guy coming. I was down on the ground in about a half second and didn't even have the heart to look at my parser. Ganked already by level 7!

    Gank the rest of the article at EverQuest 2 - TenTonHammer.

    Thu, Mar 16, 2006
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