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  • There's a new community Dev Chest up. You can read it here.

    # Do you happen to have a problem with Orbs? Ilucide has some answers.
    # Timeline and event questions pop up all the time, but you can always count on Vhalen to shed some light on the subject!
    # In the thread titled "I thought that weapons were better than unarmed but..." Moorgard comments on a display bug and other tactics.
    # Lockeye comments on some Ranger Updates, that is incase you may have missed them.

    Oooh.. Ranger Updates. That's a touchy subject that should be read indeed.

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    Wed, Mar 08, 2006
  • The Official site has this new explanation of changes for the new PVP rule-set servers.

    PvP Range While Grouped: The valid range to determine both who you can attack and who can attack you is now determined by the highest level member of the group or raid. Grouping with lower level players will no longer allow you to attack anyone who is normally in their range. Be warned though; grouping with higher level players will allow anyone who can normally attack them attack you as well. As before, there are no limitations to who you can attack as long as they are higher level or grouped with someone higher of a level.

    How do you all like the new PVP in EQ2? Tell me!

    The best there is in EverQuest 2 Information.

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    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • All your improvements are belong to us.

    Everything changes, so if we are talking about change, why not make it positive? If there were an award for most improved MMO, EQ2 would likely win it. Nonetheless, Slide takes a classy look at Everquest 2 and what it can still do better.

    The process of making something different for better or worse. They always seem to say that change is a good thing even though it's not something that is rarely looked forward to. People, in general, tend to dig themselves into a rut or routine. It's a comfortable place to be. This is the exact reason why players regularly get upset at the developers of their chosen MMOG. Massively multiplayer online games need to change to survive and need to change in order to keep their content fresh so that subscribers will stay with them. It all seems confusing. Why would a company make people upset in an attempt to get them to stay? Well, in the large scheme of things, the ratio of new subscribers to angry "I hate you SOE, I'm leaving you" subscribers are high enough. This holds true if changes are made in good form and fashion that I think Sony has gambled with a time or two.

    Read the entire article at EQ2 - TenTonHammer

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • Welcome to the Tangle...

    We got fun and games! We got anything you want....umm.. how did these Guns n' Roses lyrics get in here? Anyways, the Tenerbrous Tangle is the starter zone for the Kingdom of Sky - the newest expansion to hit EverQuest 2 - and we've got the guide to help you make the most of your adventures in Tenebrous Tangle.

    Above the vast continents of Norrath, float lush green islands of immense beauty. From a distance they appear serene and peaceful, but are occupied by dangerous creatures of unspeakable evil. The Tenebrous Tangle zone is the lowest level zone within the Kingdom of Sky and is vastly different than anything you've ever experienced in Norrath.

    Get a detailed overview and eight incredible maps of here.

    Fri, Mar 03, 2006
  • Interviews gone bad...

    At EQ2 - TenTonHammer, Coyote Sharptongue has done it again, bringing us a reel of outtakes from his numerous interviews. It's a sweeping, uncompromised look at a number of issues (such as PvP and Kingdom of Sky expansion lag) going on in Norrath right now (NONE of which include Rangers ok?).

    "Ever have one of those days where nothing could go right? Where it seemed like everything was stacked against you by some unseen malicious force?" A large Kerra wearing a top hat and sitting in a plush arm chair asks with a grin as he sips from a wine glass full of milk.

    Take a minute to read Coyote's latest comedic creation at EQ2 - TenTonHammer. You won't be sorry!

    Thu, Mar 02, 2006
  • We're dying to understand death.

    If you've played EverQuest 2 for any period of time you are probably familiar with death. If you were in RadarX's group in Sanctum of Scaleborn last night, you would be very familiar. Game mechanics are a frequently underdiscussed aspect of games and death is a primary factor, believe it or not, in what makes a fun game. How does death effect us in EverQuest 2?

    MMO guru Raph Koster, in his book "A Theory of Fun" defines a game as "learning in a safe environment." I'll admit before this week I never really tried to define what a game was but it in a profound way it mirrors real life. Certain activities are rewarded while others are punished, and we develop patterns of behavior based on it. For example, taking down the trash cans to the curb the night before, earns me a "Thank you sweetheart" from my wife as reward. Not taking the trash cans to the curb the night before, and missing garbage pick up, earns me weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    Read the entire "death penalty" tutorial at EQ2 - TenTonHammer

    Thu, Mar 02, 2006
  • The Obelisk where the Lost Souls roam... no longer your EQ2 group's funeral home!

    Obelisk of Lost Souls, a dangerous and confusing mid-to-high level zone in EverQuest 2 requires multiple access quests, but is wonderfully built and underused.

    Savanja takes a peek at a definitely under utilized zone, the Obelisk of Lost Souls. With quest walk throughs, and fabulous maps done by the talented Slide, this is a guide to check out if you are wanting to head out and explore some of the lesser used zones.

    I made my way through the perilous Nektulos Forest, to the very northern most part, where the giants reside, and found a hidden scattering of shadowed men. These creatures were no matches for my mighty Monk skills, and they fell quickly to the harsh bash of my batons. And instantly, a purple cloud appeared, and I knew this was what I had been searching for. I stepped within the haze, and was magically ported into the Obelisk.

    Be the hero of your group by suggesting a visit to Obelisk soon. But don't get caught with your leg armor down, check out Ten Ton Hammer Guide to Obelisk of Lost Souls!

    Tue, Feb 28, 2006
  • EQ2 opinions that count!

    If you aren't aware of who Aggro Me is, you've missed out on an insightful, honest, straight foward, and sometimes humorous look at EverQuest 2 and the MMO market in general. Slide infiltrates the Aggro Me Elite Ninja Death Squad to unlock his secrets.

    SLiDE: What was it that motivated you to start a MMO related blog spot?

    Aggro Me: I’ll let you in on a secret I don’t think I’ve ever stated publicly. It wasn’t money (good thing because there isn’t any), fame (haha), or the desire to get a job at a game company that got me started with Aggro Me. I conceived the idea for a novel, entitled “Aggro Me” before I ever started the site. The blog was really a research tool to help me with that novel and maybe act as a launching pad if I ever finished it.

    Of course, things change. That novel is still mired in the second chapter and the blog has several hundred lengthy posts. I started to really care about EQII and I wanted to change it for the better. That normally took the form of blasting perceived imperfections in the game, and believe me there were plenty in those days. Lately, I have taken on a more positive note not because I’ve changed, but because the game has. I’m as honest now as I was then and if I tried to be negative just for the sake of it, I would be doing myself and my readers a grave disservice.

    Read the rest of this entertaining, enlightening interview at EQ2 - TenTonHammer and be sure to check out AggroMe's blog at

    Mon, Feb 27, 2006
  • Poking Around Solusek
    Two evil masterminds collaborate to bring you the ultimate power in the universe! Well, actually, Slide and RadarX just bring you a great guide to Solusek's Eye, a popular high-level area in EverQuest 2, that hits all the high points.

    Deep within the fiery mountains of Lavastorm, beyond numerous pools of liquid magma (use the Dr. Evil voice when you say that) lies a dungeon of epic proportion. Solusek's Eye is located in the farthest west corner of the Lavastorm zone which is quite a long and dangerous journey. Fortunately, there is a teleporter convieniently located right outside the dungeon which only requires a one time activation and will allow you to come straight from the docks.

    Read the rest of the guide at EQ2 at TenTonHammer.

    Sun, Feb 26, 2006
  • I wouldn't normally post something like this as breaking news but I couldn't help myself after reading the first line - "If I punch him really hard in the beak, I bet he'll shut up."

    That's my kind of story! Read the entire chapter here.

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    Fri, Feb 24, 2006
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