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  • A hero defined...

    Brokain tells the riveting story, about him defeating an entire legion of Orcs in the Clefts of Rujark. Stay on the edge of your seat, as he recounts how he saved his entire party from certain destruction...

    “Exactly.” The man answered. “Without me they were doomed. We would’ve still been wandering the entrance halls looking for how to get deeper into the mines had I not realized that we needed to find this ‘Overseer’ gent. So I lead the group back to the lift and we went through the door next to it, obviously the overseer’s lair. It was dark and the walls seemed to close in on us as I took point, the monk in our group behind me as backup…but she really just wanted to enjoy the view, if you know what I mean.” The man winked and nudged one of the other two men, Hakim, with his elbow.

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    Wed, Feb 15, 2006
  • Our take on the EverQuest 2 server merges

    Dramatic news has rippled across the EverQuest 2 playerbase. Like a kid smacking together 2 different colors of play-do, many of the lower population servers are being merged together. How will it pan out? Nobody is sure but it affects the psychology and morale of the players. Savanja takes a look at the merge and what it means:

    The benefits that I can see from this radical decision seem obvious to me, and I gather these points were on the minds of the EQ2 “Gods” when they were contemplating the shake up of the entire playerbase. I’m certain that this was not an easy decision for the developers to come to, as they had to have known that people would generally freak out at this kind of news. And quite honestly, nothing is scarier than a angry gamer.

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    Tue, Feb 14, 2006
  • Ok this one time in EQ we were storming the Plane of Sky...

    Sound familiar? Looks like they're bringing back Sky. If I still played the game I'd be ecstatic. If I still played hah!

    It was a fun zone. However, this time it's supposedly bigger, badder and filled with more monsters. GameCloud interviews Ryan Schwayder about this new expansion

    Gamecloud - First, how did the idea for the Kingdom of Sky expansion come about?

    Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder - We'd been planning this expansion for some time, planting seeds of the story throughout the base game and Desert of Flames, as well as in the back-story for EverQuest II. With the collapse of some of the planes in the absence of the gods, the effects of such an occurrence would be felt throughout Norrath.

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    Tue, Feb 14, 2006
  • Looks like this scary bug we call romance has hit all of the developers. SOE has it's own version in the form of Erollisi Day.

    It's time to spread the love, Norrath; Erollisi Day is upon us! Speak with Stinky in the Commonlands or Goldie in Antonica to show the fullness of your heart. You may be tasked with finding hearts among the dangers of Norrath. Like love, these items are hard to find. Make sure your setting for Particle Quality is greater than Minimal, or love will surely escape you.

    Let's hear it for this Hallmark Holiday that allows us to get free candy and gear!

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    Mon, Feb 13, 2006
  • Norrathians have a <3

    If you are like many men, seeing mention of Valentine's Day just put you in a panic that you haven't gotten anything for your significant other yet. Before you dash out the door to find something at Walgreen's, take a quick moment to check out Savanja's article on in-game love.

    Anyone that has made their home within a tight kind of guild, or server community, knows that bonds of friendship, and sometimes those deeper bonds of love, form. It’s inevitable when you spend time with any group of people that alliances, and rivalries will take hold. I know so many couples that have met the love of their lives in a MMO. I have seen so many friendships form that vastly outgrow the barriers of a virtual world. And to me, it seems such a pure way of making those connections, free of the physical worries of everyday interaction. I can be the geeky gamer girl that I am, and still find caring acceptance within the confines of this silly little box on my desk, which I lovingly refer to as my “cupholder”.

    Read more about life, love, and the little known /humplikebunnies slash command at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Feb 13, 2006
  • Hammer Time!

    If you just imagined a guy dancing in baggy pants and yelled "Stop!" - sorry about that. This time we are talking about a real hammer...well ok, a virtual hammer. Just get that song out of my head!

    EverQuest 2 @ TenTonHammer sat down with master Carpenter Adeste and discusses how this class is perceived and what improvements are warranted.

    What drew you to this class? Why Carpentry over some of the more popular classes like Sage?
    What drew me to carpentry is the tangible outcome of my work. In all the other tradeskill classes, you don't end up with something you can place and see and touch and admire. Nothing else results in a physical object added to the world. Classes that make consumables - like spells, poisons, and food - seem very ephemeral to me. Even classes that make equipment for others, such as weapons and armour, aren't as satisfying. An adventurer will wear the item for 10 levels, then sell it to a vendor, and it'll be gone as if it never existed. But furniture is forever, and can be enjoyed by everyone who sees it, not just the wearer.

    Get in touch with your inner handyman at EQ2 @ TenTonHammer!

    Sat, Feb 11, 2006
  • The Latest Did You Know is up.

    Did You Know?
    Participating in Arena Champions isn't just fun, it's also rewarding! You can earn titles by defeating foes and winning matches in the Arena. Does Blackguard the Triumphant sound like a cool title? We think so, but you'll need to get 500 wins in the Arena to obtain this prestigious level of fame (or infamy, as it were). Read on for the list of titles awarded for participation in Arena Champions combat!

    Titles for Wins

    * the Contender - 100 wins
    * the Triumphant - 500 wins
    * the Victorious - 1000 wins
    * the Champion - 2500 wins

    Titles for Kills

    * the Combatant - 500 kills
    * the Assailant - 1000 kills
    * the Vanquisher - 5000 kills
    * the Gladiator - 10000 kills

    Earn these titles and become a feared combatant in the Arenas at Maj'Dul, Freeport, and Qeynos!

    Will PVP save EverQuest 2? Only time will tell.

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    Fri, Feb 10, 2006
  • What happens when you release EQ2 and WoW in the same month? Well.. you get servers shutting down. It's shaping up to be a pretty good game but it doesn't seem to be enough.

    As outlined in the recent EverQuestII producer's letter we will be starting the server moves on Monday 2/6/2006 at 3:00AM PST. The list of the servers that will be moving and the dates which they will be moving are as follows:
    # Monday, 2/6/2006 - Faydark will move into Befallen
    # Tuesday, 2/7/2006 - Innothule will move into Crushbone
    # Wednesday, 2/8/2006 - Steamfont will move into Oasis
    # Thursday, 2/9/2006 - Oggok will move into Blackburrow
    # Friday, 2/10/2006 - Neriak will move into Kithicor
    # Monday, 2/13/2006 - Lavastorm will move into Nektulos
    # Tuesday, 2/14/2006 - Grobb will move into Everfrost
    # Wednesday, 2/15/2006 - Highkeep will move into Butcherblock
    # Thursday, 2/16/2006 - Toxxulia will move into Guk
    # Friday, 2/17/2006 - Shadowhaven will move into The Bazaar

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    Mon, Feb 06, 2006
  • An exclusive TenTonHammer glimpse at the new "Kingdom of Sky" EQ2 expansion...

    TenTonHammer delves into the beta of the new Everquest 2 expansion, Kingdom of Sky. With the help of a Community Manager RadarX takes a behind the scenes tour and manages not to ask a single embarassing question. Aviaks, undead dragons, achievement points, and much more await those who seek passage to the Overrealm skies.

    As I began this article, Green Day was performing a small concert on television. I watched the crowd and their various reactions to the music. Some danced, others were jumping around screaming "Rock On!" (at least they were in my head, cause it was funnier like that), while a few seemed to be just standing there listening. It struck me how very similar players' reactions to the release of Everquest 2's latest expansion Kingdom of Sky are to this. Many are happy to see new content, the level 60's are screaming "Rock On!" to a new level cap, while a few are standing around "wishing they would work more on the already released content." Like the Green Day audience, we all have one thing in common. We're all interested in whats going on.

    Check out an exclusive first glimpse at EverQuest 2's "Kingdom of Sky," only at EQ2 @ TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Feb 06, 2006
  • To solo or not to solo in EverQuest II...

    Soloing, the companionless form of gaming and the lonley road to success or failure in Norrath. Is Everquest 2 good at delivering this type of gameplay to its patrons? Slide, squinting through thick lenses, takes a looks at soloing and talks about its standing in Everquest 2.

    So how easy is it to play Everquest 2 alone? Sony has put a lot of effort into putting a lot of soloable quests and creatures into their game. Places where strong enemies barred passage to deeper parts of a zone have been dumbed down in difficulty. Many new quests have been added or tweaked to more easily allow players to finish them alone. In many areas, mobs in groups of 3 or more are labled with three down arrows making the odds of one player winning much higher. Zones have basically been split into sections of difficulty. Easier enemies will tend to spawn in one area whereas the more difficult triple up mobs will congregate elsewhere. Think of it as a ski hill with different levels of difficulty. The game has deffinately evolved from it's early days.

    Slide's candid take on soloing in EverQuest II, live at EverQuest II @ TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Feb 06, 2006
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