Tactical Combat and Synergy Detailed for The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted Tue, May 29, 2012 by Martuk

Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle served up some new details about what the devs are trying to do to encourage strategic combat in The Elder Scrolls Online. One feature Konkle touches on is synergy combat, which will allow players and monsters alike to use certain abilities that others can play off of to enhance their own abilities or gain benefits during a fight. By using the system efficiently and reacting to opportunities or countering certain attacks, players can earn bonuses during combat and possibly even an item for hitting all the marks.

There’s also a second video that delves into the impact of weapon choices, adaptability of classes, powerful “ultimate attacks” and crowd control. They even have a plan to deal with chain mez/stun in PvP to avoid those fun CCed to death kills. Check out both videos over at Game Informer.

Source: The Tactical Combat of The Elder Scrolls Online

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