The Elder Scrolls Online Teases Emperor Armor Concept Art

Capturing the Ruby Crown in The Elder Scrolls Online comes with its own exclusive armor.

Zenimax posted a new concept art image of the emperor’s armor in The Elder Scrolls Online. The armor can be worn only by the emperor of the Ruby Throne, which can capture through taking part in the massive PvP in the war for Cyrodiil. But when it comes to wearing the crown and ruling, I think Highlander said it best – “There can be only one.” Be sure to check out our Live Q&A with Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler Wednesday, December 18 from 4-6 PM EST Exclusively on Elitest Jerks to learn more.

The Elder Scrolls Online launches on PC April 4th, 2014 and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the following June.

Source: Fit for an Emperor


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