Zenimax Reveals More About ESO’s Crafting

Zenimax posts a few handy tips and useful details about the crafting system in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Crafting is one of those things that I tend to get frustrated with a lot of MMORPGÂ’s about. So many developers use this lazy system that I like to call click-it-and-forget-it. But The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is at least making an effort to make crafting a bit different.

"Something else we want to ensure is that crafting is more than just gathering up your materials, selecting “Create All,” and walking away for a while. You’ll want to pay attention to each item you produce. Whether you’re an alchemist experimenting to find the perfect potion to enhance your skills, an enchanter unravelling the rune language, or a smith in search of the perfect set of Orcish armor, you’ll be making choices every time you craft."

In the latest Creating ESO, Zenimax talks about some of the more engaging aspects of crafting and offers discusses a few things that some players may not know about crafting in ESO. Just a few things about ESOÂ’s crafting includes the option to break down items to discover its trait, experimentation, hidden and secret crafting stations that can imbue items with set bonuses, and more. Read all about crafting in ESO for more.

Source: Creating ESO: Crafting Facts

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