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CCP Announces EVE CSM Election Schedule and Changes

Posted Fri, Feb 22, 2013 by Martuk

Election time is approaching once again for the EVE Online community to select the 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM) and decide what players will get to sit at the seat of power for the next year. The player-elected body of player representatives will have some changes to their election process this year as well as a few internal CSM process changes.

CCP has removed the “likes” based candidacy and put a new pre-election system in place to make sure that only serious candidates make it onto the final ballot.

“Candidates will submit applications and the ones that meet the election requirements will be entered into a Pre-Election Ballot. Every subscriber to EVE Online will then have a single vote per account to cast in support of a candidate. These votes will then be tallied and candidates that receives 200 or more votes will qualify to be added to the final election ballot. If less than 28 candidates meet this threshold, the next highest ranking candidates will be added until 28 candidates make the final ballot. We will also be releasing the results of this election for those looking to use it in their decision making for the final election.”

The election proper is now using a Single Transferable Vote system that will allow players to vote for their top 14 candidates rather than a single one. Votes will be placed to the first name on the list unless it’s unnecessary in which case it goes to the next.

There have also been a few changes to the internal selection process of the CSM positions and summit attendees. Rather than basing the selection on the number of votes, the positions will be selected by an internal CSM vote while the summit attendees will use a 2+5 system where CCP and the CSM work together to pick the “5 hardest working and feature-relevant CSMs” to be flown to the summit.

CSM candidacy application acceptance starts on March 12th and ends on March 20th with pre-election set to begin on March 22nd.

Source: CSM8 Election Schedule and Election Process

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