CCP Video Celebrates the Thorrablot Midwinter Feast

CCP offers an educational tale of how a new team member is treated to the Icelandic midwinter feast of Thorrablot.

Do you have the balls to work at CCP? If so, someone there will probably want you to share and pass the salt. This week the EVE Online developer graced my inbox with what was described in the email as an “educational video” about what it’s like to work for the Iceland-based developer.

The video follows Jon, a new member of the CCP team, who is welcomed by his new brothers by being treated to the festive delicacies of the Icelandic midwinter feast known as Thorrablot, an event that the video will introduce you to and has apparently been described by many CCPers as both exciting and horrifying.

If you’re curious to see what’s on the menu (which may terrify some people to their core), check out the video below. You can meet up with some of these crafty developers at EVE Fanfest later this month if you managed to snag a ticket before the event sold out.

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