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EVE Blogs Outline Changes to the War Experience and Ship Balance

Posted Thu, Feb 07, 2013 by Martuk

CCP has posted a pair of new dev blogs with more planned changes for EVE Online in 2013. The first blog delves into the latest work from CCP’s Team Super Friends, who previewed some of their work for the 1.1 Retribution update. The list of changes incluide a reduction in the time it takes for allies to join a war from 24hrs to 4hrs, better notifications to corporation directors on who took certain war actions, forced peace for surrendering, and more.

The second blog delves into planned changes for ships coming this summer. This makes a return once again to ship balance to help make things a little less complex for some ships and remove some irrelevant skill training for others.

Another point we are not fond of is the over-redundant training needed for specialization. Still looking at the tree above, some tech 2 ships require sets of skills that are not relevant to the hull you are specializing into. Notorious example is the Absolution, the Amarr Field Command Ship, with forces training of Heavy Assault Ships, itself demanding Assault Ships to be learned. While we are fine with time sinks, they should be related to the field you are specializing into and not push you into hulls you are not interested in.

Expect to see a number of other changes for destroyer and battlecruiser training as well as several other changes. You can get a full rundown of all the planned changes for the summer expansion in the latest very lengthy blog.

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I will read the blog.

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