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EVE Dev Blogs Detail Anomaly, Nebula and UI Improvements

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2011 by Martuk

CCP has been keeping good on their promise to keep the EVE Online community in the loop about their planned changes to the space game. This week several more dev blogs have been posted by CCP developers outlining quite a number of changes planned for the upcoming Crucible expansion set to deploy on November 29th.

CCP Mannapi took some time today to explain more about the upcoming nebula changes that will add a sense of visual direction to the game and correctly rotates star gates to face their targets. This change may have the unfortunate side effect of making some bookmarks that were once in a good location near the target now be located inside the gates, so you may need to change those.

CCP Greyscale also posted a new blog relating to another pass on anomalies, which it appears that CCP Bettik has already finished rebalancing all 107 of. The new changes are aimed at balancing the ISK/hour numbers with more planned revisions down the road. CCP is asking players to provide feedback on the new changes once they go live..

Last up today is a blog from the newly formed Team Papercut, who were tasked with getting as many “cool features” as possible in EVE in 3 weeks. The team set out with that goal in mind and their blog details what they have accomplished ranging from drag-and-drop improvements to tweaks on Orbit & Keep-at-Range to looting wreckage and quite a number of other things that should make the lives of many EVE Online players a lot easier.

Asking for Directions
Anomalies Revisited
…And Papercuts Were Had by All

Bust Out the Credit Cards: EVE Fanfest 2015 and EVE Vegas Tickets Now on Sale

It seems like the floodgates have officially opened on fan event ticket sales. If you haven't already broke the bank snagging tickets for SOE Live or BlizzCon, today CCP is giving you two more opportunities to do so as tickets have gone on sale for both EVE Vegas and EVE Fanfest 2015.

Fri, May 16, 2014

Can’t make it down to Reykjavik, Iceland for EVE Fanfest 2014 in May? There’s an online streaming alternative.

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Wed, Apr 09, 2014

CCP reveals its plans for an epic celebration of the EVE universe at EVE Fanfest in May.

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Fri, Feb 28, 2014

The first issue of Dark Horse Comics’ new series featuring the true stories of EVE Online in comic form is now available.

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Thu, Feb 20, 2014

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