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Sins of a Solar Spymaster #58 - Painful Lessons: The Fall of IT

Posted Tue, Mar 01, 2011 by The Mittani

The unthinkable has happened: our adversaries of the Great War, the core corporations which once formed Band of Brothers - the same corporations which laid the foundation of IT Alliance - have schismed, splitting apart into factions amid a storm of acrimony and finger pointing. The Fountain campaign was over in a flash, beginning around December 7th with the first conquest of J5A and ending with the capture of IT’s staging system in 6VDT on January 31st. The dissolution of IT Alliance leaves a narrative vacuum in New Eden, and many of us who have been fighting them in their various incarnations over the years are left blinking and confused, like a cat flummoxed that the mouse it was toying with has finally died.

EVE Tactics

I have often commented that wars in EVE are lost by the loser, not won by the winner; while the Deklein Coalition was effective on the offensive against IT, all external military pressure is essentially the same and not unique to the aggressor. To explain the collapse of IT, we must focus on what went wrong within the alliance itself.

In the course of the Second Great War, Band of Brothers was demolished, but the core corporations spent several months recuperating before reforming as IT Alliance. Where previously BoB was an ‘elite’ organization with a swath of ‘pet’ alliances forming the ‘Greater BoB Community’, IT Alliance was a big-tent umbrella alliance which freely mixed the corporations of BoB and the GBC under one banner. In preparation for their return to nullsec, IT Alliance recruited massively, their numbers breaching 6000 pilots at one point, making them the largest alliance in EVE.

In January of 2010, IT began to capture Fountain from Sons of Tangra, the renters Pandemic Legion had installed in that region. After IT snapped up several SoT stations and destroyed five PL Titans in the lagged-out battle of Y-2, Pandemic Legion announced that it was no longer interested in holding space as a sovereign entity and abandoned its mostly-uncontested area of Fountain to IT.

IT began attacking Goonswarm-held Delve, but ran into a brick wall and made no progress. However, the angels of idiocy intervened, and in February 2010, Goonswarm abruptly imploded and abandoned the region to IT, along with Querious and Period Basis. This left IT in control of all of former BoB’s territory, along with three primary allies: The Initiative, which resided in Immensea, Against All Authorities in Catch, and Ev0ke in Cloud Ring.

EVE Assault

In April 2010, IT attempted to put together ‘MAX 2.0’, a multi-front assault against the Northern Coalition in concert with Atlas and Against All Authorities, This ended in spectacular failure, resulting in mass supercapital losses in the Tribute system of H-W in May. After withdrawing from that campaign in August, IT reset their allied neighbors in Cloud Ring, Ev0ke, and commenced taking Ev0ke technetium moons in Syndicate.

In September, after Atlas collapsed, Against All Authorities came under attack by PL and the Drone Russians; the famously poison-tongued -A- diplomat Blaster Worm demanded aid from IT Alliance in such an offensive way that IT Alliance reset -A- and immediately invaded Catch, working in concert with PL and the DRF which knocked the -A- bloc out of power and its space for months.

In October 2010, the Deklein Coaliton (also known as the Cluster****) began purging Cloud Ring, owned by Ev0ke. Cloud Ring was a border region between the North and IT’s territory, but IT had reset Ev0ke and cannibalized their moons two months previously. Without allied support, Ev0ke opted to abandon the region for Providence.

With the Cloud Ring pacified, the Deklein Coalition began constructing a jump bridge highway that stretched from VFK in Deklein down to the border of Fountain at B-D, which would allow for both rapid defense of Cloud Ring against possible IT retaliation, as well as posing a significant offensive threat. IT attempted to prevent the construction of this ‘Eye of Terror’ highway, and assaulted B-D. Their attack was repelled.

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