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One of the most anticipated MMOGs at this years E3 conference is the upcoming BioWare/LucasArts project - Star Wars:The Old Republic. Bringing BioWare's penchant for story telling to the largely user driven world of MMOGs has many fans chomping at the bit as they anticipate the next great chapter in the Star Wars Universe. From the announcement that players will have their own ships to a hands on preview of the latest build of the game to a whole fleet of new images and finally a spectacular new trailer, E3 has been a coming of age party for SW:TOR and we have it all here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Attacking a fearsome foe.
SW:TOR Picture
Force powers can disable foes.

SW: TOR Jedi Ship
Jedi Ship.
SW:TOR Sith Picture
Sith Ship.

PvP Warzone.
PvP Warzone.
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