E3: 2011 - New Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Show Shepard's Mission to Save Humanity

Mass Effect 3 launches on March 9th and we’ve got new screenshots of Commander Shepard’s final mission to save humanity.
Commander Shepard's mission to save humanity and the universe from the Reaper threat is about to reach its epic conclusion with Mass Effect 3. How will humanity's fate be decided? Will Earth survive? You'll get to decide through your decisions and actions but only after the game officially releases on March 9th, 2012. But for now, enjoy a fresh new batch of Mass Effect 3 screenshots straight from E3 2011.

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Combat Mass Effect 3 Cover Mass Effect 3 Enemies
Mass Effect 3 Shepard Pwns Mass Effect 3 Garrus Mass Effect 3 Vehicle
Mass Effect 3 Husk Mass Effect 3 Shepard Shootdown Mass Effect 3 Biotic Melee

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