E3 2013: CCP Unleashes New DUST 514 Trailer and EVE Screenshots

CCP rolls out a new DUST 514 trailer and a batch of fresh E3 screenshots for EVE Online.

E3 2013 is well underway and the media assets have already started flowing in. Part of today’s media dump includes a new trailer for the PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter, DUST 514, and several new images for EVE Online's recently released Odyssey expansion as well as several images for the EVE VR experiment using Oculus Rift. Check them out below and tell us what you think.

Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for more coverage of E3 2013 by our ground team at the event.

E3_2013_DUST_01 E3_2013_DUST_02 E3_2013_DUST_03
E3_2013_DUST_Gallente_Attack E3_2013_DUST_Interior_Firefight
EVEVR_Screen_02 EVEVR_Screen_03 EVEVR_Screen_01
EVEVR_Screen_04 EVE_Odyssey_DualCharacterTraining EVEVR_Screen_05
EVE_Odyssey_ExplorationMissions EVE_Odyssey_ExplorationSite2 EVE_Odyssey_ExplorationSite
EVE_Odyssey_GateTransition EVE_Odyssey_HackingAndArchaeology EVE_Odyssey_NewNavyBattlecruisers
EVE_Odyssey_NewSpacescape EVE_Odyssey_NewVisuals EVE_Odyssey_NullsecStationServices
EVE_Odyssey_SensorOverlay EVE_Odyssey_SensorOverlay EVE_Odyssey_RadialNavigation
EVE_Odyssey_ShipBalancing EVE_Odyssey_SensorOverlay_infoUI EVE_Odyssey_ShipRebalancing
EVE_Odyssey_StarbaseImprovements EVE_Odyssey_StorylineProgression EVE_Odyssey_TagsForSecurityStatus
EVE_Fountain_Player_Influence_Map EVE_Odyssey_RadialMenu

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