E3 2013: Matt Firor Talks Cross-Platform and Launch Delay for The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax boss Matt Firor confirms no cross-platform play and launch delay for The Elder Scrolls Online on PC.

Zenimax Online Studio General Manager Matt Firor sat down for a chat with Spike TVÂ’s Geoff Keighley earlier today to talk about the recent console announcement for The Elder Scrolls Online. The brief interview shed some light on a few details that came out of last nightÂ’s announcement. The PC delay we reported on earlier has been confirmed by Firor. The PC and Mac versions originally scheduled to release this fall have been pushed back to spring 2014 with launch planned to coincide with the release for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next gen console versions.

Firor also confirmed that there will be no cross-platform play, the exception being Windows and Mac players, who will share servers. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be on their own segregated servers as is usually the case with any MMOG that makes the jump to consoles. Firor pointed to ensuring fairness in PvP between the platforms as one of the reasons for segregated platform play given that PC players use the mouse and keyboard while console players use a controller.

Firor also confirmed that the closed beta for the console version of The Elder Scrolls Online will be a limited-time exclusive for the PlayStation 4. This will not affect the PC version and will likely be available for Xbox One players once the exclusive time expires.

Stay tuned to Ten Ton HammerÂ’s E3 2013 coverage for more news from our ground team as they meet up with the Zenimax devs this week for some hands-on time with The Elder Scrolls Online.

Source: Spike TV E3 Stream Interview with Matt Firor

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