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    PAX East increased its attendance record by more than 30% this year as fans came from all over to see the latest and greatest games that developers have to offer. Among one of the most popular with fans was Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) and BioWare was in attendance to give fans some hands-on time with their Taral V Flashpoint demo. Many fans waited for hours to get a chance to try out the game and BioWare has put together a new video highlighting the event and the very dedicated fans that were in attendance. Check it out after the break.

    Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic website

    Tue, Apr 05, 2011
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    After a hands on with TERA at GDC, Ten Ton Hammer followed up with En Masse the next week at PAX East to talk a bit more about the AI, UI and the big-ass monsters they saw. Senior Producer Brian Knox and PR Director Matt Atwood filled us in.
    Mon, Mar 28, 2011
    B. de la Durantaye
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    Wizard101 is a fun MMO designed for early-teen players and their families.

    Wed, Mar 23, 2011
    Space Junkie
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    Earlier this month, PAX East 2011 summoned sixty-thousand gamers to converge on poor, drizzly Boston. But where were the EVE Online players? Not at a CCP booth on the convention floor.

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    Tue, Mar 22, 2011
    Space Junkie
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    If any vestiges of late 2010 hate over the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic remained at PAX East 2011, not even an Imperial probe droid could detect
    Mon, Mar 21, 2011
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    The GW2 Fan Experience at PAX East 2011

    Like most industries, life in this nutty world we call games media has its good points and its bad points. There are times when it’s kind of like busting open a bag of what you thought was your favorite trail mix only to discover that it’s got strawberry flavored sardines in it. While you can pick out the offending aquatics pretty easily, you’re still left with a bag full of nuts that taste like fake, fishy strawberries.

    On the flip side, I wouldn’t change what I do to afford those oddball bags of strawberry sardine flavored trail mix for the world. Case in point: I got to attend PAX East not only as an industry professional, but also as a long-time hardcore fan of all things Guild Wars.

    Wed, Mar 16, 2011
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    Vindictus made its splash in the free-to-play market last year and has been picking up steam ever since. The action-combat MMO from Nexon has been designed from the ground up to appeal to Western audiences and so far, they've been successful.

    This year at PAX East we stopped by the Nexon booth to try our hand at the upcoming content update for Vindictus, due to launch later this month, known as Episode Six. The new content contains new quests, a new town, new enemies, PvP and a great new feature called Transformation. The level cap is also increasing from level 60 to level 70.
    Thu, Mar 17, 2011
    B. de la Durantaye
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    Firefall - Sunken Harbor Header

    Wed, Mar 16, 2011
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    Turbine has been going strong recently with the success of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online going to a hybrid subscription/free-to-play model. At PAX East 2011, Ten Ton Hammer got to speak with LotRO’s Executive Producer Kate Paiz about upcoming events in 2011 for Lord of the Rings Online and the newest content update, Echoes of the Dead. Watch the video for some jaw-dropping graphics, new gameplay, and information on slapping hobbits!
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    Wed, Mar 16, 2011
  • GW2 - Lion's Arch Main Gate - PAX East 2011

    The leaked thief profession and guardian gameplay presentation during GDC 2011 may have taken some of the wind out of the developer’s marketing sails, but it certainly didn’t stop ArenaNet from being the big buzz in Boston this past weekend. Even without a dedicated booth to call its own, Guild Wars 2 made a massive splash this year at PAX East 2011.

    Between the live show floor demo, ever-accessible development team members, the Friday night NCSoft community event, and a series of discussion panel appearances, there was a lot to take in during the short three day event. Throughout the week this week we’ll be bringing you some new gameplay videos, updated hands-on impressions, details from the “Guild Wars 2 – Fantasy MMO Redefined” panel, and more.

    First, however, we wanted to share some of the more interesting details learned throughout the weekend. The following list of Ten Things We Learned about Guild Wars 2 at PAX East 2011 provides some fresh insights into various aspects of the game for diehard fans, as well as a primer for those of you just starting out on your journey towards obsession over all things GW2 related.

    Tue, Mar 15, 2011
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