SOE Live 2013: PlanetSide 2 Hossin Screenshots

SOE rolls out another batch of PlanetSide 2 screenshots from SOE Live to showcase the new continent of Hossin.

SOE Live is rolling on and with the EverQuest Next reveal now out of the way, PlanetSide 2 steps back into the spotlight tonight. We just received a fresh batch of new screenshots showcasing the new Hossin zone. Give them a look below and check out our interview with PlanetSide 2’s Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac for more on Hossin and the new Battle Islands.

Update: Added Hossin trailer.

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PlanetSide-2-Hossin-1 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-2 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-3
PlanetSide-2-Hossin-4 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-5 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-6
PlanetSide-2-Hossin-7 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-8 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-9
PlanetSide-2-Hossin-10 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-11 PlanetSide-2-Hossin-12


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