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  • More good news! Our EVE Online site is open again, thanks to Phil's mad piloting skills. I would like to personally welcome Valerie Massey (formerly of NCSoft) back into the fray as the new EVE Online community representative. It's good to have you back Val.
    Some games attempt to make their mark based on the gameplay. World of Warcraft and EVE Online are great examples of this. How many of you can name two or more developers of those games? For a game that has yet to be released it is even more challenging to get the attention of the public. Games in development require hype to attract the eyes of the MMOG masses. Most companies showcase the game itself, giving you tasty little morsels of what is to come. StarGate Worlds, Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Chronicles of Spellborn are excellent examples of companies putting the game first.
    Other companies prefer to highlight the pedigree of the developers. Some of them give their management team titles like Assistant Manager or "Ass Man" for short. Others have developers who like to stir up the pot, dropping into sites like the super villain "The Penguin" on an uber-hovering umbrella screaming "Waaah...waaah...nyargh..waaaaah...." at the masses who vocally abuse them at every opportunity.
    12 new MMOG articles, Penguin super villain chat, British cocks and more is but a click away. Loading... August 31, 2006 [Waah...Waaah Edition]

    Thu, Aug 31, 2006
  • Yeehaw! It's Time for Another Forum Roundup!

    Boy, these rodeo metaphors just never seem to git old, do they pardner?


    This week Shayalyn takes the reins to round up a bunch of threads from the official Vanguard: Saga of Heroes you don't have to brave the wild beasts yourself. Come on over to the corral and take a look at dudes who talk like ladies, ladies who look like dudes, German diplomacy and more.

    Thu, Aug 31, 2006
  • Three More Guides Updated

    The class guides for the Warrior, Warlock and Shaman class guides have all been updated with the spells that are going to be added in the Burning Crusade.

    We also offer some comments on each and how we expect it will effect the class. Stop by the WoW Ten Ton Hammer forums and let us know what you are thinking!

    Thu, Aug 31, 2006
  • Road to 7th Edition Episode 1: "Ratboy's Big Mistake"

    A new series of articles begins for the Warhammer Online site. This article series tells the story of poor Ratboy getting sucked into another Warhammer Fantasy Battles army. Starting with the all important decision of what he should play, episode #1 looks at the armies of Warhammer Fantasy.

    WARNING: This article and the associated articles are not directly related to Warhammer Online, and are instead more geared towards Warhammer Fantasy Battles. So if you are not a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, this may not be the article for you. Of course you’re still going to read it… come on… chicken…

    Get clicking to read more. Stop by the growing Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer community and share your thoughts int he forums on this and all your favorite MMOs.

    Thu, Aug 31, 2006
  • Presenting the New and Improved Antonica Guide

    Good ole Antonica! Whether you are new to the game and need a little bit of guidance, or you have rolled alt #46892386 and need a refresher course, this great guide (originally written by Ethec) has gotten some updating to keep up with the times.

    Ah, Antonica. A Qeynos citizen's first taste of big-time adventuring, though there's plenty for the far-traveling Freeport citizen to do here as well. A region of the Shattered Lands relatively unscathed by the fractile moon, though that didn't stop the gnolls in the surrounding area from besieging Qeynos in the aftermath. The gnolls have a cavernous stronghold not far from Qeynos' North Gates along the Antonican Road, though their expansive lair, Blackburrow is found in the far sou'-mideast. At night, the Timberclaw gnolls vie for Archer's Woods adjacent to the Claymore Monument; which itself is watched over by a defensive line of watchtowers. Farther southwest is a lighthouse, whose vigilance safeguards ships rounding Coldwind Point.

    Keep reading to see what's new! Do you love this zone? Tell us what is your favorite part in the forums on EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer!

    Thu, Aug 31, 2006
  • Crafting Guide: The Art of Pricing

    Imagine yourself in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes' world of Telon. Now imagine you've crafted your first batch of cool stuff and you're ready to sell it to the yearning masses. What prices are you going to put on those lovely items? Confused? Just consult Charabis's handy guide to pricing your wares and you'll be prepared when Vanguard launches this winter.

    "If you have ever played a MMORPG, you're probably familiar with this scenario. You're in town resupplying when someone shouts out, “How much is this item worth?” Usually my response would be “Whatever you can get for it.” However, with crafted and dropped items being comparable, that answer won't work for Vanguard."

    Keep reading to learn more. What are your thoughts about crafting in Vanguard? head over to the forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer and let us know!

    Wed, Aug 30, 2006
  • First the good news! Our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes site is hiring and you know that that means right? You got it, interrogation and inquisition. We have ways of making you talk and they are located right here. If you are looking to get your foot in the door of the games industry, looking for a change or just curious about our interrogation methods then click that mouse.

    Now the bad news! Do not buy an Alienware product, ever, under any circumstances. Those of you who have read this column over the last year or so have read often about my experience with a $3,500 Alienware laptop, also known as the most expensive doorstop to ever be delivered to my door. It has had its share of problems, but this morning it decided enough was enough. Done. Dead! It won't boot up and in fact there isn't even the most remote sign of life. No lights. No sounds. Just dead silicon.
    Doorstops, Jobs, iPods in toilets, four exlusive MMOG articles and much more is but a click away. Loading... August 30, 2006 [It's Dead Jim Edition]

    Wed, Aug 30, 2006
  • New Quest Guide: Redfang the Unruled

    We promised more quest guides, and Ten Ton Hammer delivers on its promises. Tonight's quest may be only Level 3, but it's very tough. It will take the skilled work of a party in sync to succeed at this mission at Level 3. Think glass spiders--lots of glass spiders! That's right; it's Redfang the Unruled!

    "Within both storage areas you will see small white globes. These globes are crystal spider eggs. Shoot them from a distance, and do not approach them. If approached, they will either poison you or will open to hatch a baby crystal spider. These are quite nimble and can poison you. There are many, many crystal spider eggs in the complex. Always shoot them, if you fight each one you will be easily worn out by the time you reach the lower portions of this complex."

    Get clicking to learn more about Redfang the Unruled! Have you tried this quest? Did we miss a hint or two? Let us know in the forums at DDO Ten Ton Hammer!

    Wed, Aug 30, 2006
  • Mages, Rogues and Paladins Updated!

    The team over at WoW Ten Ton Hammer have been working hard to bring you the latest information on the upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusades. Today, they bring you three updated class guides that include the spells that will be added with the expansion. Not only that, but they have also added hints and comments onhow this will effect each class! Keep reading to learn more...

    The Paladin

    **Added since last update**

    * Added Burning Crusade spell preview information to 5.0 - Paladin Spell / Talent Lists
    * Added Tier 3 Epic Armor set information
    * Added addition links to general information
    * Updated Talent Builds
    * Added links to all quest information
    * Gave the guide a major overhaul of information! New talent builds!
    * Added Tier 0.5 Armor set information

    The Mage

    * Burning crusade spell previews added to 5.0 - Spells, Talents and Talent Builds
    * Patch 1.11 Talent Builds
    * Leveling Builds
    * Spell Efficiency Table
    * Split section 6
    * Updated Spell and Talent information
    * Updated item and set information
    * Updated Macros Section
    * Added Polymorph pull section

    The Rogue

    * Added Burning Crusade ability previews to 5.0 Abilities and Talents
    * Added Tier 0.5 Armor set information
    * Updated Armor listings in Equipment Chapter
    * Updated Quests in Quest Chapter
    * Updated Tactics and UI Chapter

    Don't miss out on all the new spells and great information! Have you joined the WoW Ten Ton Hammer Community yet? Why not?? Stop by the forums and share your thoughts on the upcoming expansion and all things WoW!

    Wed, Aug 30, 2006
  • Keep Your Money In Your Pocket...Not the Gold Sellers!

    Making money in World of Warcraft may seem like a daunting task, but in reality it's quite simple and only requires a little bit of extra time. We've compiled some of the best ways to make cash within World of Warcraft and avoid those nasty gold sellers. Why spend real life money when you can spend a little extra time and make money yourself?

    "To get your mount you should probably invest in at least one gathering skill. Sell everything you don't need in your inventory on the auction house and try to gather/sell as much stuff from level twenty onwards. A hundred gold isn't a problem if you keep to buying skills and avoid buying items that give little to no stat bonuses."

    Don't miss out on any of the hints in this helpful guide! Have we forgotten anything? Let us know in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Aug 30, 2006
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