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  • Race to Complete New Content

    Game updates come and go, the heated debate of one patch slowly simmers down as the next update arrives onto player's plates. Each game update provides tons of new things for players to do, from new enemies to slay to new things to blame for someone's defeat. That's why this week we take a look at the various updates in World of Warcraft's history, highlighting the ups and downs of major update milestones.

    "Outside of the highly anticipated excitement of the battlegrounds and PvP honor were the various instances that were added. Blackwing Lair, AQ, and Naxxaramas are all big deals among those who enjoy raiding. Players scrambled before the patches to ready themselves to become the first to complete content in these instances. Not only that, but each added instance (including Dire Maul and ZG) provided a wealth of new items and skills that greatly helped those who enjoy making their characters more and more powerful."

    Keep reading to learn more about the history of added content. Head over to the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer and let is know what you think about updates and patches.

    Mon, Aug 07, 2006
  • Thanks to Skorpious of the Thunderhorn server I was pointed to a couple of movies depicting how to make a gold farmer's life a nightmare, well, more of a nightmare than living in China and playing World of Warcraft 20 hours per day. For first time readers, I would have a tougher time supporting gold farmers than Star Jones would have passing up an all-you-can-eat buffet. Unfortunately, ironically and unthinkably it is being hosted on a site that promotes gold farming. Insert boggle here. That said, I have contacted the guys who made it and offered to host it here, gold-free. I'm not positive that the guy being berated in the film is actually a gold farmer. It could just as easily be a player who just likes to solo (points at himself) and doesn't have any bind on pickup items. Nonetheless, the commentary in the movie is amusing, possibly because it is carried out with a British accent that would sound jocular no matter the circumstance. [Note: the movie is also hosted on FileFront. Go get it!]
    Reader top 10 lists, virtual fishing, eight exlusive MMOG articles and more is but a click away.
    Loading... August 7, 2006 [Patch Day Edition]

    Mon, Aug 07, 2006
  • To Patch or Not To Patch...

    All games have growing pains. Some even start out in need of repair. Lady Sirse takes a look at Dungeons and Dragons Online to see what changes have come and gone in the game and if they have helped or not!

    Who hasn’t heard of the granddaddy of role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons? Countless gamers cut their teeth on the pen and paper wonder game decades ago. Since the computer age has taken hold and taken over, each new MUD and MMO that has been introduced, has unconsciously been held up to the measuring stick of how close they came to Dungeons and Dragons. So it was no surprise that the bar for success was set pretty high when Turbine endeavored to take the pen and paper fun and turn it into an MMO.

    Have you played DDO? What do you think of the changes? Let us know in the forums at DDO Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Aug 07, 2006
  • WoW Where to Adventure Guide

    By now you are all familiar with WoW Ten Ton Hammer's Where to Adventure guide. The team has been working diligently to keep it updated and today we have another installment of updates for you!

    Continuing on my quest to update every entry in our where to adventure guide I come to the mid range zones and instances on Kalimdor. Today sees Ashenvale, Thousand Needles, Stonetalon Mountains, Blackfathom Depths and Razorfen Kraul updated.

    Head over to the guide to check them out! Also remember that if you spot something we missed, that you feel everyone should know, please email it in or post it in our forums and we will add it and credit you.

    Hurry over and check out the updates! You can find contact information and a welcoming community in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

    Sun, Aug 06, 2006
  • Turbine Producer Aims for World of Warcraft Numbers, Hints at LotRO Release Date

    Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer for Lord of the Rings Online, joined attendees at LotRO Gathering last weekend. His mere presence suprised some attendees- LotROG is in its third year, and this is the first time the event has attracted the Turbine exec. That fact alone suggested that, publicity-wise, LotROG '06 was the game's coming-out party. Steefel's brief address was brief, but surprising. In an era where devs typically concede WoW a market majority, happy just to capture a niche of a few hundred thousand subscribers- Steefel is predicting millions for LotRO and goes on to suggest a tentative release timeline.

    "Steefel then offered what could be taken as a surreptitious challenge to Blizzard's numerical supremacy: "So, [the Turbine team is] very excited about looking at this community and imagining a community of millions of people around the world who are going to be in Middle Earth together.""

    ">Keep reading
    to learn more at LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer.

    Sun, Aug 06, 2006
  • Can You Survive?

    PvP servers provide a wealth of extra entertainment in the world of leveling up but at the same time can add unneeded frustration to the process. That's why we've compiled tons of tips and tricks to surviving player vs. player combat on the PvP servers. Never fall victim again to some Rogue improperly named Legolasee!

    "Do like war movies and never sit with your back to an open space. First of all Rogues will have an easy time backstabbing you and getting automatic critical strikes from you sitting, but you will also be able to watch for enemies approaching."

    Keep reading to learn how to survive! Did we leave something out of this guilde that you think is important? Let us know at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

    Sun, Aug 06, 2006
  • Game Update of Terror

    Game (Live) Updates can be awfully terrifying, especially in the wake of major updates the shake the world of players everywhere! Savanja takes a walk through Game Update #26 to show everyone that not all GUs are scary!

    It's been no secret that with the advent of the next expansion pack, "Echoes of Faydwer", that the Gods will be returning to Norrath. Likely they have been around all along, watching us, but with GU #26 you will begin to see clues as to their presence. Prophets of Valor and Fear will be found, rallying followers to their cause. The portal to the Plane of Fear is discovered! Unfortunately, us mortals will not be venturing into Fear anytime soon, but one can only guess what demons might escape the portal, making their way into Norrath in upcoming months.

    Learn more about the changes at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer. Are you worried about the countless demons that may soon be wondering the world? Tell us all about is in the forums at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer, there are sure to be others that share your worries.

    Sun, Aug 06, 2006
  • Weekly Poll: Happily Homeless - No Official Vanguard Forums at Launch

    Ah, official MMO forums--you'll not find more wretched hives of scum and villainy. Even your Jedi mind tricks will not prevent the flaming and constant bickering that goes on there. But what if a MMO had no official forum? That's what Sigil Games Online intends to do with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes when the game launches this winter. Where will fans go? Vanguard community sites like Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer will prevent forum homelessness. We want to know how you feel about the lack of official forums. Come read more about Sigil's decision, then vote in our poll.

    "I think that not having an official forum for Vanguard is actually a pretty revolutionary idea, if for one simple reason--official game sites can be scary places. I've never been to an official forum that wasn't full of sniping and flaming. And it's no one's fault, really. No matter how well the moderators do their job, when you put that much digital humanity in one place at a time you're going to end up with, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, 'a wretched hive of scum and villainy.'"

    Let your voice be heard! Hurry over to Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer and vote!

    Fri, Aug 04, 2006
  • Horde from A to Z

    While most of the time it's easy to tell where you should be adventuring in World of Warcraft, when to transition to a new area - and when to go there - can be a little tricky as you progress toward the magic number 60. Doogmeister's newest guide takes the confusion out of the process, laying down the path of least resistance and greatest enjoyment from level 1 to level cap for Horde players. Make the most of those times you have to grind with WoW Ten Ton Hammer's Horde 1-60 Leveling Guide!

    Congratulations on enlisting in the Horde! Now begins your battle to bring honor and glory to the Horde, and to secure our dominion over both Azeroth and the puny Alliance! So how do you advance from your initial training to becoming a powerful champion of the Horde? This guide will give you an outline of how to achieve just that! In this guide, I will cover the different stages of leveling your characters, the zones where you will quest, the instances you will explore and finally some hints and tips to make your leveling as efficient as possible.

    Keep reading to start your adventure to greatness! Don't forget to keep us updated on your path in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Aug 04, 2006
  • World of Warcraft Warrior Guide Updated

    At WoW - Ten Ton Hammer, we've brought our popular Warrior class guide up to date with updated epic armor drop locations, new talent builds, and addon and macro information geared especially to a Warrior's needs. We've also tweaked the format a little to improve readability. If you feel the call to be one of World of Warcraft's hardiest and hardest-hitting melee'ers, this is the guide for you!

    What are you waiting for?
    ">Get clicking
    to WoW Ten Ton Hammer and learn more!

    Fri, Aug 04, 2006
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