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  • Shay's Treehouse - We're Goin' In!

    Sometimes waiting for the next great MMO to come along invokes feelings of exasperation, not to mention impatience. Last night, Shayalyn chose to stave off the waiting game by logging onto the EverQuest progression servers. This afternoon, she waited through a monumental update, and then logged into EverQuest 2. What gives? Nostalgia seems to be spreading around the Ten Ton Hammer network, and Shay's caught the bug.

    "I decided to build a brand new toon on one of the progression servers. Being a newb again sounded like fun, but I wasn’t prepared for just how newbish I would turn out to be. After all, I did choose to make a druid character--since I don’t intend to play for any significant length of time, I figured it made sense to go with a class I knew intimately--and I was certain that I’d be able to go out, dressed in my skimpy 'old model' green Wood Elf teddy, and battle my way through the Greater Faydark in no time. Instead I found myself running to the guards to avoid a thrashing from a yellow con bat, and getting lost in Kelethin while trying to find my trainer at the Druid Guild."

    Read more at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Dark Elves and Gnomes...

    Believe it or not, our resident Dark Elf, Kiara, has found love among the gnomes. Join her as she describes her undying affection for those cute little guys, and explains the joys of completing their racial quests. Could this be the beginning of something special? I think so.

    As if it weren't humiliating enough for a Dark Elf to have to play a Ratonga or all the rest of those things... Now I've been ordered by the evil pink pantseded one to look at the Gnomes. GNOMES!!! I'm playing FOOD. It's almost too much to bear... I swear if he makes me do Erudites next I'll... I'll... I'll shave off his beard is what I'll do!

    Ok, so maybe love is a strong word to use, eh? Keep reading to see if Kiara survives her time as a gnome at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Explore The Fallen Gate

    The Fallen Gate is by far one of the best zones to spend your 20s in. With plenty of heroic mobs, and tons of named mobs, you'll want to grab a group and head in for hours (if not days) of gaming fun.

    The Fallen Gate is the former first gate of Neriak, the outer lying area before entering the dark city. For some unknown reason (or at least unknown to me) when the halflings known as the Leatherfoot Brigade, attacked the dark elves (having taken advantage of the distraction of the war that was ensuing outside), the tunnels that lead into the city collapsed. This left us with only access to Neriaks' outer areas, now known as the "Fallen Gate".

    Keep reading to learn more about this zone with Savanja. Have you explored this area? Tell us about it in the forums guessed it...EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer!

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Good or Bad? Take a Look and See

    You hear about the adventure and expansion packs all over the place, but are they really necessary? Check out Savanja's overview of each AP and expansion to decide which ones are for you!

    This was EverQuest IIs first adventure pack. I don't think that it gained the popularity that it should have because I believe that people were still a little uncomfortable paying money for what appeared to be just a miniature expansion. Bloodline is geared towards players level 30-50, with limited solo content, as this adventure pack was clearly designed for heavy grouping.

    Savanja continues her look at the adventure and expansion packs at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer. You know what to do...get clicking and keep reading! When you're done, stop by the forums and share which packs you liked and disliked with us.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Building a Winner: Founding a Pre-Release Guild

    Many guilds are beginning to amass their forces in preparation for the release of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes this winter. Among the up-and-coming guilds, Reverence Ire has earned some recognition, so much so that Vanguard developers have attended their Ventrilo chats. But how does one go about building a successful pre-release guild? Thuvia has provided some stepping stones to guild success, using her own guild, Reverenced Ire, as an example. Read her article to uncover the secrets!

    "A successful guild has dedicated leadership, not just on the part of the guild leader, but also of the officers or council members. Officers of a successful guild have to be dedicated and loyal, as well as discreet and diplomatic. A good officer can (and often does) put his or her personal feelings and expectations aside and will act in the best interests of the guild. It's also important that the guild not be run like an abusive garrison."

    Keep reading to learn more about Thuvia's thoughts on building a better guild. Do you have a guild? Thinking of making one? Or just tired of bad guilds? Stop by the forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer and share your experiences with us.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Arcane Caster Week Kicks Off

    This week is Week of the Arcane Master at DDO Ten Ton Hammer. We’ve got reviews of 5th level arcane spells, guides to advanced spellcasting tactics, and Custom Builds that focus on the arcane arts. What we want to know is this: If your party has only one slot empty with no casters, do you prefer a wizard or a sorcerer?

    Poll: For my last slot in a party without a caster, I want:

    * Sorcerer! A sorcerer’s deep pool of spell points means that she can do some heavy damage for the party.
    * Wizard! A wizard’s versatility means that he can do more for the party.
    * Either. So long as the player has skill, each class has something to offer.
    * Neither. I’d rather have another melee or healer.

    Let your voice be heard! Get clicking and vote at DDO Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what type of caster you are.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Apprentice's Companion V: 5th Level Arcana

    It's Week of the Arcane Master here at Ten Ton Hammer. Are you ready to be one of the elite casters on your server? If you have a Level 10 sorcerer or wizard in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, you'll want to read Darkgolem's guide to 5th level arcana. He tells you what each spell does and how useful it will be for your arcane master...

    "I recommend every sorcerer consider the merits of Cloud Kill. It instantly kills any targets with less than 6 HD (hit dice, or levels). Enemies with more than 6 HD must make fortitude saves every 2 seconds while in the cloud to prevent Constitution damage. A failed save means a reduction in hit points and a lowered fortitude save, making poisons and fortitude-based spells more effective."

    Want to know more? Keep reading to see what else Darkgolem has to say. Share your arcane caster experiences with us in the forums at DDO Ten Ton Hammer.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Ganked!

    So RadarX and the Ten Ton Hammer - EverQuest 2 crew are out neglecting their duties to play the EverQuest progressive servers. By all accounts, it's a blast. No expansions, no twinks, just that old-time religion that so many of us loved to hate to love once upon a time. The latest images from the next EverQuest expansion ("The Serpent's Spine") look great too. Apparently EQ alums are coming out of the woodwork; the tree snakes and fire beetles of Nektulos Forest only last seconds before succoumbing to waves of newbie garden bottomfeeders. In 5 or so years, will we be reliving the newbie nostalgia with World of Warcraft?

    It's a return to the glory days of MMO gaming - plus the Loading... news and humor you're nostalgic for - in today's Ganked!.

    Ganked! - July 25, 2006 ["I EQ For Sentimental Reasons" Edition]

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Community Interview

    An ominous interview? Oh, relax! The only thing scary about
    this interview is the name of the guy I stalked to get it. Ominous has taken
    time away from posting on the official Vanguard: Saga of Heroes forums
    (OVF), where he has one of the highest post counts, to tell us a little
    about his history as a gamer, and discuss his views on MMOs in general, and
    Vanguard in specific.

    [TTH]: Given your current knowledge of Vanguard, how do you think you'll
    feel about boss mobs and raid content in the game? Do you think Vanguard
    will satisfy your need for a progressive storyline?

    [OMINOUS]: Today's MMOs have to have static raids anymore. The raid has
    become an integral part of the MMO experience. Vanguard will lose the
    interest of a lot of people if static raids are not a part of it. However,
    I am hoping that there will be more than the static raids with raid level GM
    events. Maybe a particularly nasty dragon descends upon New Targonor.
    Everyone in the area rushes to take part in slaying this uber-mob and that's
    the last we see of him.

    Head over to Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer to see what else
    y&ceid=342">Ominous has to say
    about the upcoming Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Don't forget to stop into the forums and say hi or let us know what you thought of this interview.

    Mon, Jul 24, 2006
  • Old Schoolers Return

    The EverQuest Progression servers are in full swing bringing for the nostalgic goodness. RadarX tracks down a few players to get the inside scoop on what it's like.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the EverQuest 1 progression servers, let me give you a quick synopsis. SOE decided it was going to open two new servers, looking more or less like they did when EverQuest launched in 1999. No expansions, no high level players, no twinks (someone who gives a low level alternate character a bunch of equipment), and no established economy. When I first read about this, I saw the utter brilliance in this move, but was wondering how it was going to work in practice. These servers have brought back a wave of nostalgic former players, who have mobbed like neighborhood kids around an ice cream truck.

    Are you playing on the progressive servers? Don't have a clue why people would want to? Keep reading to see what RadarX has to say about it all. Start the week with your fix of the latest news and information at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Jul 24, 2006
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