Fallen Earth Free-to-Play Launches, World Events Delayed

By Stacy Jones -

Find out what GamersFirst has in store with todayÂ’s update. Fallen Earth has finally made the jump to free-to-play and players can log in today to play all of the gameÂ’s content without ever needing to pay a cent. Subscribers will still get perks if they choose to keep paying or for new players to sub up. Players that have been loyal subscribers to the game will also qualify for a few gifts that the team has put together. Each one is outlined in todayÂ’s Fallen Earth developer blog.

Along with todayÂ’s free-to-play switch comes new economy and crafting changes. The world events that were expected to go live today have unfortunately been delayed until next week due to a few discovered bugs that need to be fixed and tested a bit more before it's ready to go live.

Players that have bought the game in the past will also receive a new Spiked Chopper vehicle today. For those that havenÂ’t purchased the game, you can sign up to play for free on the Fallen Earth website.

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