Fallen Earth Partners with GamersFirst to Improve Server Support and Content Development

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The Fallen Earth devs promised a big announcement on May 31st and it's one that puts the gamers first. (see what I did there?). According to a recent UStream Fireside Chat, the Fallen Earth team announced that Fallen Earth, LLC will be working with free-to-play publisher GamersFirst to continue the game's online support and improve content. The new partnership will help improve server support and content development for the post-apocalyptic MMOG.

Fallen Earth Combat

Fallen Earth teams up with GamersFirst to expand game support and improve infrastructure.

Senior Game Designer Marie “Aro Sei” Croall noted in the chat that Fallen Earth is always looking for more business model opportunities, citing the game's current cash shop. But could a possible free-to-play model soon follow as part of the new GamersFirst partnership? No official announcement was made, but the overall tone of the chat would indicate that it's at least being considered.

In addition to providing more infrastructure support for Fallen Earth, GamersFirst will also aid in the promotion of the MMOG. Croall also assured players that the Fallen Earth, LLC will continue to be the development team behind the game.

As with any possible switch to free-to-play, many players expressed concerns about how a free-to-play model that could possibly include leasing weapons might impact the game. The team took some time during the chat to answer several questions and address various concerns about any kind of free-to-play move that could possibly take place in the future. Check out the original Fireside Chat and follow-up embeds after the break.

Warning: There are a few moments of silence in the chat that you may have to skip ahead a bit on. There is also a bit of graphic language.

Source: Fallen Earth UStream Fireside Chat

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

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