Grab a Shovel: Farming Arrives in Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth’s new Farming feature has gone live along with a new holiday event.

Farming isnÂ’t always a bad thing in MMOs. Fallen Earth today introduced its new Farming mechanic to the game, allowing players to grow their own crops and clones. In addition to the new Farming feature, the new Grinch-inspired holiday event is now live.

Grunches and Whoms have invaded the Wasteland! Seek out Cindy Loom Whom, found in Spider Hill, New Flagstaff, TraderÂ’s Flat and Los Alamos. If you can stop the Grunch and bring back some of the candy canes he stole Cindy will give you a special holiday reward. Players Level 46-55 can take a second mission to earn an exclusive (and antlered) bonus rewardÂ…

Players can also obtain new Dusty Lockboxes from Boss and Master mobs. The boxes can be opened with Red Keys for new Western themed gear.

Patch notes for the update are available here.

Source: Fallen Earth Farming Update

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