Cancelled Online Games of 2013

Updated Mon, Dec 30, 2013 by Martuk

Each year more games end up in the great gaming graveyard and 2013 was no exception. So join us as we take a look back at a few of the online games whose fates were sealed this year.


Despite boasting more than 300 million registered users, the 2D side-scrolling hack-and-slash title Dungeon Fighter Online was laid to rest in NA back in June when Nexon opted to shut the game down.


Even Scrooge McDuck wasn’t rich enough to save Toontown Online. The kid-friendly MMORPG headed to the great animated graveyard back in September when Disney shifted its development focus to other online and mobile games. One casualty of that decision – the citizens of Toontown.


Grimlands, the post-apocalyptic online world from DRAGO Entertainment, suffered a pre-launch apocalypse of its own when publisher gamigo pulled out of the project. Developer DRAGO Entertainment tried to save the game by turning to Kickstarter, but the campaign was cancelled when it failed to gain any momentum after the first two weeks. While the game currently seems to be dead in the water, the only possible saving grace was the final update to the Kickstarter page back in April that stated that the developer was in negotiation with a number of investors to try and revive the project.

this list made me sad I recalled my Orc character in WAR I played a year ago and it is really sad to lose this game, I was 100 percent sure that if they tried F2P in the time when the old games like LOTRO made it, it would worked for them :( never understood why they didnt come f2p

Games Workshop chose not to let them renew the license.

And that's why I enjoy non-licensed MMORPG titles much more. There's no arbitrary time limit on the license. Granted, that doesn't always keep the game alive, but it does at least eliminate that one big hurdle that could be the one thing keeping it off this list.

:( true, it was a long waiting for Stargate Worlds :(

Oh, don't get me started on that one. =p

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